324 B-day PT

419 CeilingPrelude to Easter long weekend…
March 24, 2005 (Thursday)
419 Music Bar & Steakhouse.
Vincent’s B-day Party.

It was a crazy busy day before the long weekend, lots of deadlines, lots of work. Exhausted.
Have been to 419 once, but didn’t go in because there were some functions going on at that time. It was originally a place Chinese place where middle-age gentlemen and ladies came for ballroom dancing. So, I thought it should be pretty nice and large.

Arrived 419. We were led to the first few tables near the entrance. The place was nicely decorated, with the “crystal lights” on the ceiling and big sofa on the floor. I haven’t been to such a comfy place in Toronto before. Especially after a long day of work, lied back on the sofa, had a drink, it’s like in heaven…

419 Special Slush

There should be three 419 Special drinks – “藍色情挑”, “夕陽之戀” and “玫瑰…” (unfortunately, the Rose one was gone before I can take a picture of it) According to Allen, the little umbrella was there because originally people thought that it prevented the ice in the drink from melting… Just like the little piece of lemon is stuck on the bottle mouth of coronas to (originally) prevents insects from going into the drink in Mexico.

Once almost everyone’s there, we started ordering… There was a wide selection of seafood appetizers. Some of the plates that we ordered – Escargot, Cocktail Shrimps, Fried Coconut Shrimps, Fried Scallops, Fresh Oysters, Lobsters, BBQ chicken/mushrooms, Mussels (Champagne/cream sauce), and main entrees such as 419 special steaks, lamb chops, pastas…

The overall quality was okay, except the fresh oysters wasn’t very good. The portions were right, except there were too much lamb chops. Taking the price, quality and everything into account, it was worth going to 419. For such a buffet, the price is $19.99 per person (plus $5 if you want to order from the special menu, where you get better stuffs like seafoods), Monday – Thursday. The special drink is $3.99 each. I actually really liked the Rose one I had…

419 Escargot419 escargot

419 appetizers & lamb chops 416 Lamb Chop

FYI: 419 Music Bar & Steakhouse – 505 Hwy. 7 East, (Commerce Gate), Unit 234, Markham ; (905) 709 4419

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