Restoran Malaysia

It was a pretty nice afternoon, although with a little bit of snow. Had lunch w/ Tommy in the 905 North area. Lots of friends are living in that area these days. 16th Ave. or Major Mackenzie no longer seem to be very far North. As you may know, I’m also working near Hwy 7 now.

Today’s Restaurant is Restoran Malaysia on the South-East corner of Bayview and Major Mackenzie Ave. About 5 min. drive from my workplace. Haven’t seen Tommy since I’m back from Asia and he’s back from Japan. If it wasn’t because Tommy suggested it, I would never go to that area or be able to find this restaurant. It’s actually located near the McDonald’s at that corner (just in case you want to go and try this sometimes)

The first thing I noticed was the tables in the restaurant. There are different Asian-style patterns painted (or coated) on each table as you can see in the pictures below (our table); and many patrons are westerners. Then we ordered a Singapore Chicken Rice (海南雞飯) and a Fu-jian stir-fried noodles (福建炒麵). Haven’t had Singapore Chicken Rice for a very very long time. One day while driving to work, they were talking about that rice on the radio – where we can find good Singapore Chicken Rice in Singapore, the types of chicken used, and also the new chinese movie that is called 海南雞飯, starred by 張艾嘉.

The rice is actually pretty good. If the rice is softer, it would be excellent. The stir-fried noodles that I had a few forks from Tommy tasted pretty good! Better than I originally expected. The noodles have a “elastic” texture, and the taste wasn’t very heavy. Saw the tea (Malaysian Style) that Tommy was having… I guess I may try that next time. Total for two person was around $20 (gratuity not included).

Singapore chicken rice Singapore Chicken Rice (海南雞飯)
Fu-jian stir-fried noodles (福建炒麵) Fu-jian Stir-fried Noodles

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