Have been browsing a lot of blog sites lately. One thing that I noticed was that most of the sites are very organized and they tend to stick with one language.

Yes. What that means is: The sites are either in English or in Chinese, not both.

I’ve been blogging on the same page using both English and Chinese since early-October 04 when I first started this site. And I didn’t see anything wrong with that.
(I know. There isn’t a right or wrong here; plus not a lot of people really care)

At first, visitors mainly came from the Americas (-8 time zone). However, I’ve also noticed that I’m using more and more Chinese in the blog, and more visitors are coming from the Asia (especially HK +8 time zone).

To me, using both English and Chinese on the same page just doesn’t look right anymore.

Especially to those who can’t read Chinese, it’s just a waste of time that they have to scroll through the Chinese mosters (improperly-decoded Chinese words).
*I’m assuming most HK people can read some English.

So, I’m considering restructuring the GREYish MARZ.

If you have any suggestions/recommendations, please let me know =)

6 thoughts on “English/中文

  1. Why don’t u open another blog that is writing with another language? Or, u can simply make some markings in your posts to indicate which language are you using.

    On the other hand, I think you would also considered the feelings of the “English Readers” to all your posts. It let everyone happy, if you could wrote the blog posts in bilingua! 😛

  2. That’s true… I should consider opening another blog just for Chinese. Or… modify this one. Thanks a lot =)

  3. ڤ]oӰDӷи.줣QΤ媺]A@:ıo藍媺HnI.L٬OMwHߦӦ. I’d just write in whichever language seemed more appropriate! However, given my poor Chinese skills, most of the time I found myself blogging in English.

    Having said that, now that I no longer maintain my blog, I no longer have this concertn. 🙂

  4. It is not easy to maintain 2 blogs at the same time. You should use whatever language you want. Don’t feel restricted. The fairest way is to provide bilingual blog, but it is impractical.

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