Just wanna say thank you again…
This year…is the first year that I haven’t called out everyone for Karaoke/ big gathering night, haven’t got drunk,etc… If it wasn’t because of KT’s last-minute message, I might have just stayed home. I’m just too lazy to organize something. Maybe it’s also because I just stepped into another stage. (I mean…in my mind, there’re certain stages, especially for female, distinguished by certain age point. To me…I’m not really ready to think I’m already XX years old. Time is running fast)
Some pictures taken… If you wanna see more, let me know.
Birthday Nite @ Sierra
Birthday Dinner @ Sierra; blouse from Ruby

Birthday Cake from DadBirthday Cake

Monitor Monitor from Erix

Hand-cranked Music Box from Katrina…Hand-cranked Music Box

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