Another day

Well well.. it’s another Tuesday night. Just got back home. It’s now 7:30p.m., which is my dinner time. Some of you might have noticed that I’ve added a few new links under “good food on the road” section. Arh-huh~ I know this title might seems a bit silly, but this was what came to my mind when I decided to give all the side-titles some changes.

I’m so happy that I came across many good sites these 2 days. Yea, some of them are actually pretty popular, with high visit rates (don’t even mention my hit rate =P). Most of them are well-written in Chinese. Reading all these blogs, I feel an urge to improve my Chinese writing skills. It was already an improvement that I could finally start a blog page and actually maintain it… After looking at other people’s websites, oh yea, I start to think nothing is enough.

Here’re the sites that I’ve added:
cosine inn
Duke of Aberdeen
More Than One

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