My 1st day

Finally, my 1st day was over. Overall, the experience was very nice, not too overwhelming. The day started off w/ a heavy snow. Luckily, my 1st day started at 11 a.m. so I did’t have to go to work during the terrible traffic hour. After shovelling for half an hour, and driving slowly for less than half an hour, I arrived safely. Managers and colleagues gave me a warm welcome. I then signed the documents and did the paper work, got a little tour around the office. Started to learn the rope.

Actually, I didn’t really expect that I’d go into this field – market research & consulting. I think it’s all about the timing and the ?t??fter the interview w/ this company, I had a gut feeling that this might be something that I’ve been looking for. I mean… the job nature, the environment, the flexibility, the wide spectrum of businesses that I would be exposed to. I know there’re gonna be lots of learning and challenges, and I’m ready for them. Right after my decision to stay w/ this company, suddenly I heard from lots of other companies that I’ve applied for. (again… it’s just the timing. If they’re a bit earlier, maybe I’d be w/ one of them now.) Too late, I’ve already been taken =P

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