Browsed the web few days ago and came across a blog about the Phantom of the Opera. I didn’t know there’s a movie of that Opera. The movie poster just caught my attention. I really love that. Immediately, I got the Andrew Lloyd Webber – The Phantom of the Opera (1987) from eMule. It’s great listening to that again. Still remember I had a cassette copy of that when I was in Junior HS. (today, how many ppl still use cassettes!?)

I’ve also got the scores of Les Miserables from Marcella in F.2 although I don’t know how to play. There’s a lot of scores that I’ve collected during high school years. The songs that I’ve sang and the songs that I like. It seems kinda stupid that I don’t know how to play. The best I can do is to hum the melody from those notes. (And I still believe that one day I’ll be able to play them)

I’ve always wanted to see the Phantom, but don’t know why I just ended up missing that. There’ve been 1-2 times that I’ve seen the Mama Mia tickets on discount in the Yorkdale Mall. Another good one is the Miss Saigon. Compared to the Phantom and Les Miserables, Miss Saigon is “lighter”.

For those who like something different, Riverdance should be a good choice. These performances I’ve posted here are just some that I’ve seen or wanted to see. There’re lots of well-known ones such as the CATS, MAMMA MIA!, etc… Watching operas is quite an alternative choice of entertainment to me. It’s good to listen to the music or actually go and watch the show when you feel you’re overly bombarded by the pop/rnb/rap songs these days.

FYI: Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Group

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