Haven’t blogged the past few days. Checked the sitemeter and found that readers in the -5:00 time zone are coming back. How’s everyone’s X’mas/New year vacations?
These days I’ve encountered the word “touched” a few times. When a salesman says he/she has “touched” several family this week and helped those family find solutions to their lives (i.e. he/she has sold something to them), it sounds much better than saying he/she’s made several sales this week. I’m not sure whether or not he/she really cares about helping and touching people, but everything sounds pretty cool or pretty nice to common people like me.

Another “touched” is from a regular phone call made by my aunt. Yes, she always calls me once in a while to see how’s everything going, but I never really “appreciated” that and really talked to her, chatted with her. (Well, I think many ppl do think there’s a barrier between different generations, so… I guess I’m kinda normal.) BUT today I was really touched when she called me.

X’mas and New Year, I’ve been thinking of calling friends and relatives just to say hi. But because I was lazy or… because of whatever reasons, I didn’t do it. I didn’t even pick up the phone when I was just there browsing the web, doing nothing, or sitting on the sofa, watching TV (actually, switching between channels). That’s kinda sad.

Many ppl should have received some emails talking about this situation. You didn’t call him/her, he/she didn’t call you… although both of you think you should / you wanna do so. When you got emails or messages (MSN/ICQ), you didn’t wanna reply because you maybe busy. Especially emails… if you don’t reply immediately, you probably end up forgetting about it, don’t you think so?

Relationships, friendships are to be nurtured, not to be left alone.

Thanks to those ppl who always bug me once in a while. I really appreciate that.

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