Days w/o computer

Finally, I’ve decided to upgrade my computer. It’s been quite a while since its last upgrade. Thank to Scott and Erix again… I’ll have a faster and better computer by new year. After the computer was gone… suddenly I felt sooo….. free or empty. Now I realized how much time I’ve devoted to my computer. Yes… I guess I’m quite a computer addict compared to other ladies. I can stick w/ my computer for many hours straight and I’m not playing any online games (unlike many of my guy friends)…. HAHA just started the World of Warcraft… Hopefully I won’t be addicted to it…. but this game is much less complicated compared to FFXI, so it’d be easier for me.

Yes… today is my first day without computer… but I’m in the library again doing my blogging. Oh my god, shouldn’t I be glad that I’m finally free from computer? Everyday I turn on computer when I woke up and sometimes don’t turn it off til I sleep. What’s really in it? I don’t know… Blogging, web-surfing, catalogues, internet banking, photos, friendster, …. blah blah blah.

Many ppl are going away for X’mas – e.g. to HK, Taiwan, US, etc. What’s my plan for this X’mas? I don’t know yet. ah… anyone has any idea? plz tell me.

Yes, there’s gonna be a huge snow storm or something here tonight to tomorrow. DAMN… gotta do the shovelling again. Maybe I’ll just stay home and finish my novels and FF I & II.

Good days buddies. TTYL

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  1. You don’t have any plan in this Christmas?
    What would you long for if you were working now? Think of it and you may know what your plan will be.

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