What a night…

It’s now 2:00p.m.
12 hrs earlier, we just finished our late-nite buffet at Casino Fallsview (the new casino at Niagara). Yesterday night was a “spontaneous” one. When I stepped out of my house, I thought I’d be heading to the gym and exercise as usual. Well… It turned out we (Erix + Scott + I) went to Yorkdale Mall instead. Browsed through all the clothings and handbags and accessories, I still haven’t got any idea what to buy; and neither have Scott. So… I guess he has to go downtown today.

After the Yorkdale Mall, we were thinking of dining at the “Go for Tea” in Richmond Hill. BUT Scott unexpectedly dropped a line: “What about going to the Niagara Falls and the Casinos?” Then, there we go! Peter and her gf (cun cun) who just came from Taiwan were also called out.

I haven’t been to the Falls at night during the Winter time coz everyone knows it’s gonna be freezingly COLD. Oh well… There’s always a first time. Without traffic, we arrived at the Falls at around 12:30a.m. Near the Falls, you can see all the trees were frozen. It was amazing. You can’t really get the picture in your mind unless you were there.

Then, we went to the Casino Fallsview. There weren’t a lot of people (of course… who would go there in the winter at that time?!) The late-nite buffet was good! Although you won’t get the king crab and all those seafoods during the late-nite buffet, there are still some selections you can choose from. I ended up eating lots of eggs – breakfast scrambbled eggs, omelets, egg burrito… plus sausages, meatballs (those are sooo good!!!), and of course fruits and desserts. (Another thing is… the late-nite buffet only costs $4.95/person!)

After buffet, of course it’s gambling time. We went to the old casino to play because we all agree it’s easier to win $$ at the old one. And it turned out quite right too. Scott, Peter and Cun-cun won a bit. Erix and I? We reinvested into it for opportunities, so the only thing we won was fun. I’ve only played $20, but one time I’ve got $140. It was fun because usually I don’t even win.

Back to Toronto, it’s already 5a.m.
I don’t feel like sleeping now although I’m still kinda tired.

OMG… almost forgot Jac’s gathering tonite….Gotta go!

Picture taken at the Buffet…

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