Quiz: What’s Your Workstyle?

Quiz: What’s Your Workstyle?
by Barbara Reinhold

You are :

Social Worker 12%

You value people, feelings, collaboration, harmony and optimism. If you work with a Social Worker, be sure to communicate with him, and measure your words because his feelings are easily hurt. But give him a chance and he’ll be a terrific cheerleader for your team.

Lone Ranger 12%

You live in the moment and require flexibility, change of pace and lots of space. If you work with a Lone Ranger, don’t hem her in with regulations and deadlines and she’ll do great work.

Watchdog 50%

You protect the bottom line, results, and the calendar. You never met a rule you didn’t like. If you work with a Watchdog, be on time and pay attention to detail to stay on his good side, and put him in charge of keeping things organized.

Professor 25%

You are the ‘intellectual architect’ in an organization — you keep things moving forward, but can seem removed or overbearing. If you work with a Professor, give her space to think about things unburdened by rules or displays of emotion and she’ll do excellent work.)

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