a brand new day?

According to my plan on Friday afternoon, I was supposed to tidy up / clean up my messy room. But the thing is… I ended up moving all the furnitures around. Since 2 or 3 yrs ago, I’ve been thinking about changing the outlook of my room. However, it was hard because of some feng shui restrictions and some technical spatial problems. The original layout was a space-optimizing one. Plus… of course, I didn’t really have time to move things around. After less than half an hr of planning and more than 3 hrs of moving, the biggest difference is that my bed is facing SE and the 3 bookshelves are standing together on the right side of the desk instead of at the back.

After moving around, I’ve also thrown out a lot of scrap paper and reorganized the bookselves and drawers. Feeling good. It seems that I just had a fresh start. I think changing things once in a while can bring you surprises. e.g. taking a different route when driving/walking… It’s like a brain stimulant, which may result in different perspectives.

Sunday morning, woke up at 9 am (which is AMAZING after all these days’ 3am – 1pm lifestyle) and went to tea house. Did some shopping and had some durian (haha those weird-smelling fruits; not everyone can stand it). Oh yes… Gotta go to Shopper’s drug mart later too. Because today I’m gonna redeem 34000 pt. for $100 in free cosmetics / fragrances… which is really cool. ^o^

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