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Still remember the time I grew up in HK, I seldom consume any chocolate or dairy product, e.g. milk, yogurt, ice-cream, gelato. It wasn’t that I didn’t like them… we just seldom had these things in the fridge. Once in a while we might have Nestle’s “3-colors ice-cream” or McDonald’s soft ice-cream cone. (That’s not really good… coz milk & yogurts are great sources of Calcium) So, my sweet tooth mainly applied to the non-dairy category (e.g. Chinese sweet soups, sticky-rice stuffs, etc..) and also all kinds of fruits.

I guess my crave for dairy products came back when I was almost 18. Yea… eating lots of yogurts was one of the reasons why I gained weight that time. Then, in 2000-01, I just felt in love with desserts, all kinds of desserts… chocolates (especially truffles), cakes (e.g. cheesecakes, pavlova…), meringues, tiramisu, pudding, gelato, mousses, sorbets, crepes, muffins (w/ crispy crusts) and of course all kinds of Chinese traditional desserts too. It’s hard to say which one(s) is/are my favourite(s). It depends (the answer you’d always get from Management students). One thing I do like is Creme Caramel, simple but good. I can never get tired of it.

Yesterday nite, thank to Erix and Scott’s recommendation, I had the chance to taste another good one, the Hollywood Gelato (S.W. of Bayview + Manor Rd. E.; i.e. on Bayview, south of Eglinton). It was around 9 pm at night, but there’re still lots of ppl coming to the shop. There were around 20+ flavours of gelato. So, we tried Chocolate, Caramel, and Mango (sorbet). I personally favour the Mango sorbet… Yes, it’s not dairy, but it’s still good, fresh and refreshing. The Chocolate there was better than the one I tried at La Paloma. Caramel was pretty good ( a bit sweet for me). We also tried the famous cappuccino there, but I couldn’t really tell the difference though. A complete friday nite ended w/ desserts… =)

There are also some other good Gelato & Ice-cream places…
– Grey’s Ice Cream… U of T students should know where it is coz it’s kinda close to the campus (750 Spadina Ave.; near a Jewish community ctr.): I love its Coffee Toffee! Really rich and creamy ice-cream, irresistable temptation to weight-watchers!

Mondo Gelato… in Vancouver and Beijing, greatest selections that I’ve ever seen… you can find Roses and lots of other rare flavours there.

-La Paloma Gelateria & Cafe… 3 locations that I know:
(1) 1357 St. Clair Ave. W. (btw Dufferin & Old Weston Rd.);
(2) 200 Windflower Gate, Woodbridge (N.E. of Weston Rd. + Hwy 7);
(3) inside Vaughan Mills. Last time I tried its Chocolate and Strawberry… wasn’t as good as expected. Maybe I’ll give it one more try next time.

FYI: Info on Gelato (1), (2)

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  1. Yah! Lulu and I luv those too! We always go to the Dominions close to her house to eat.. 😀 hehe, selling tasty ice cream is so evil, selling tasty ice cream 24×7 is even more evil! end up having lotsa late nite snacks! :D~~~ Mango’s my fav too!

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