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After convocation, we went to Tokyo Sushi, a Japanese restaurant near Wellesley and Bloor. It is located on the street level of a condo. It can only seat around 20 people. On Tuesday night, 10 pm, there were the chef, his junior and a waitress. We were the only customers, so we sat near the bar table right in front of the chef. The overall dinning experience was excellent… The environment isn’t a spectacular one; it’s rather like a family-run business, warm and wellcoming. Most importantly, the food was real good! It was mainly Erix and me eating, Scott was just not hungry that night. Here’s what we have ordered:
– Unagi Don
– Spicy Tuna Roll (6 pcs)
– Nigiri sushi (3 pieces of each): Salmon (Sake), Yellowtail (Hamachi), Egg (Tamago), Tuna Belly (Toro)
– Sashimi: Tuna, Amaebi
– 2 Salmon Roe (Ikura) gunkan sushi
– softdrinks

After the first bite of the Salmon Nigiri, I just felt in love w/ it… It’s like… I’m the angel in the TV commercial for that mousse yogurt, flying in the sky… The side salad was the common one you get in most of the japanese restaurant, but the miso soup was different. It tasted much better. It was richer and more “鮮味”!! The unagi don (eel on the rice) was good, but it’s not the kind of food I can eat everyday. (some friends of erix order unagi don very very often). Personally, I love the Spicy Tuna Roll and Tamago sushi.

Food was fresh and service was good. The restaurant has been opened for 8 yrs, maybe it’s because of its location (near the Sutton Place and Four Seasons Hotel), you can see there’re lots of autographed photographs of Hollywood stars on the walls (e.g. Halle Berry, Jackie Chen, etc.). Even I’ve walked by the restaurant many times, I really didn’t expect that’s such a great place. We’ll definitely go there next time. But with such good food, of course you won’t be expecting all-u-can-eat price. The total (incl. tax; excl. gratuity) came to be around $75.

Oh yes, the chef specially made us 2 sushi, which looked really cute and tasted really good. It was made of salmon sashimi, roe, a bit of rice and I believe a yolk. These ingredients complemented each other and melt in your mouth. 好感動喔!!! ^^
Took a picture of it…

Tokyo Sushi

FYI: Tokyo Sushi Japanese Restaurant
33 St. Joseph St., Toronto, ON. M4Y 1J8
Tel: 416-513-0002

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