Woke up at 10 am, didn’t sleep too well yesterday night.
Had a hair cut yesterday. Around 5 inches were gone. Feel so light now.
Today’s the convo-day, but I still don’t really have any special feeling.
I should be happy.
Convocation is a ceremony that tells you that you’ve really graduated,
at least that’s what I’ve been thinking since I’ve finished my last course on June 28.
Erix thinks that stepping out of the “final” final exam room means graduated.
To me, convocation might not be “necessary”, but it’s like the dessert/fruit/tea/coffee after meal. It’s not a must, but if it’s missing, the whole experience seems incomplete.
Wanna have some drink suddenly.

picture taken right after convo… haven’t framed the certificate yet

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  1. Woops.. It was actually me (Kelvin) who posted.. hehe, I was logged onto Luzia account by accident. 😀 But please give us the link when you got them uploaded la! 😀

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