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Feel kinda tired looking at the screen these days. It’s really bad for eyes even though it’s LCD. Did some job hunting since October, I’m happy that they’re gradually getting back to me these few days. But it’s strange that I haven’t really prepared for these interviews. I guess… as long as you know yourself well, you can answer most of the questions (of course these don’t include the technical questions that you’ve learnt from and given back to your prof.). Hope I can get into the next rounds…God bless me. Another good thing that happened lately was the troublesome airplane ticket and OHIP stuffs are finally kinda settled. Now the thing that I have to do is to find a “certified translator” to translate the Japanese words on the legal documents for me. Well… it’s Friday night, so I’ll leave it till tomorrow morning or Monday.

Haven’t done any shopping lately except the time I went to Sephora at Eaton Centre and bought 2 things that I really like. Yes, I’m the kind of person who can be happy because of some little things… The two things that I bought were the “Smith’s Rosebud Salve” and a blush (Rose De Jaspe 95) from Bourjois. I’ve been looking for these two brands for a long time. The Rosebud Salve ($8) is just a multipurpose balm which you can apply on lips, chapped skins, rough cuticles…It’s a amazing during the Winter… and I love the smell too. The Bourjois brand originated in France. A makeup artist showed me that in HK long time ago, but I just couldn’t find it. Compared to many other brands in Sephora, Bourjois’ price is reasonable (around $18). It’s in a little round case with mirror and a little brush in it. There’re a lot of other brands that you can find at Sephora. I heard that it’s gonna open another on at Yorkdale, which is a very good news… I don’t have to go downtown for it then. Other things that I’m considering buying are: Hope in a jar (from Philosophy), Cucumber Gel Masque (from PeterThomasRoth).

Smith’s Rosebud Salve & Bourjois Blush

Philosophy’s hope in a jar & Cucumber Gel Masque

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