Fall Convocation 2004

Finally, the confirmation letter’s here.
Date: Tuesday, November 16th
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Convocation Hall

It’s been 5 yrs since I first stepped into the school. The campus back then wasn’t as great as it is now. The bookstore was located at the portables outside S-wing(!); there was the old Bladen library, Coffee Time instead of Tim Hortons near the old R-wing *which is now renamed as B-wing; largest lecture ‘room’ was H216 instead of the new lecture hall *the arc; one of the few study room was the Pink Room. Although this little industrialist-style campus seems not to be so attractive, there’re lots of memories on the green beside the pavilion *which wasn’t there in 99. The 4 days orientation was great, otherwise I wouldn’t know there’s a large soccer field, tennis courts and a strange old building down the valley. It’s a relatively small community. Everyone seems to know everyone… at least you know you’ve seen them around.

After 5 yrs, now they’re building the new mgt bldg., the new student centre and the parking lots are so much larger, the entrance is much nicer *especially they have re-paved the road to make it wider. The only 2 things that I have used are the new library and the arc. It’s okay coz the current students are paying much higher tuition. (around CAD 5K back then compared to flat rate CAD 8-9K for mgt coop.) DAMN expensive.

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