Daylight saving Halloween

It’s almost the dawn of the Halloween day. Felt good to see lots of people in the malls yesterday even though my ankle still hurt. Yes, it’s Halloween and X’mas is approaching. There’re people everywhere and children’s smiling faces everywhere. I really love the atmosphere of X’mas. A great excuse for us ladies to shop! One good news is that there’ll be a new mall, Vaughan Mills (located at the S.E. corner of Hwy 400 and Rutherford Rd.), opening on Nov 4. “Canada’s new mall in 14 years…” (Toronto Star). Another thing to look forward would be the new Sephora store opening on Nov 5 in Eaton Centre. It’s the first one in Canada. BUT, the thing is … I gotta start working first before I can shop. >< Ok. It's kinda late now. With the clock turned back 1 hours, it's now 4 a.m. So I better sleep soon. Just downloaded Stefanie's new album. Hope it's good. BTW, Happy Birthday to Kini/Angela!

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