Today is RoCkCliMbInG day. Finally, we’ve decided to go to Rock Oasis instead of Joe Rockhead for our first time of rockclimbing. We (i.e. Mindy, Ellen, Sandra, Julie, Frank, Neilson, William, Annette, David, Vincent, Allen and me) arrived there at around 3 – 3:30p.m. and kept climbing climbing climbing til around 8 p.m. the latest. The experience was good. There wasn’t a lot of sweating, but you can feel the stretching of your muscles’ “potential” . Luckily, I’ve been working out regularly. Otherwise, I don’t think I could conquer those rocky walls (the best I could do was 5.9 though). Don’t you think climbing is difficult, belaying is actually pretty tiring. Well, it’s always good to learn some new stuffs. Especially, you can train your whole body muscles with this. Thank you Mindy for organizing this event.

Japanese food...
Self-reward after rockclimbing

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