movie, movie, movie

movie, movie, movie
I always liked sad movies. If you let me choose, I’d choose something like Last Emperor, Amadeus, and the Pianist kind of movies. But after watching those movies, your mood may not be that good. You’d feel like there’s a weight on your heart or something. And the melody/background music & some particular scenes kept popping into your mind. I guess I do have the “stubborn” trait in my personality. I didn’t reject new stuffs/funny movies; just that I wouldn’t choose them if they didn’t look like my cup of tea.

I don’t know since when I’ve changed. Sometimes, I would like to have something light, something not so heavy, not so serious. Real life has already been heavy enough… so why not try something fun to spice it up, loosen it a bit? Well, I really haven’t watched many DVDs lately. There’re many DVDs on the floor, but I just didn’t feel like watching. Watched a bit of the Kill Bill 2, but I didn’t have the patience to finish it; then watched the Butterfly Effect for a while, but I don’t want to see anything relates to the Brain right now.

Then I watched the Mean Girls. It wasn’t bad; reminded me of my high school life. And then, I watched the downloaded Real Player version of the 千機變 2. The quality was very good even it was downloaded. Since I didn’t have any expectation for this film, I did find it okay. It was kinda like a cartoon movie. The guys were kinda cute and the plot was kinda simple. The beginning was better than the ending. And here comes the question… why is Jacky Chan in the film? What role was he playing? He seemed so redundant 可有可無. Anywayz, I think any person can tell this film’s main purpose is to bring Jacky Chan’s son up.

Another no-expectation movie was the White Chicks. BUT this one was unexpectedly SO FUNNY!!!!!!!! If you feel blue or something, just go see this one. I know, all these movies I just watched are not so “nutritious”, but they are very healthy in a sense. Laughing is good.

White Chicks!!!

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