1999 – 2003 Fragments

Finally, I’ve finished back-posting all the weblogs from 1999-2003. These are the fragments (as Flo calls them) of my past. I love each and every piece of them, no matter what color they are (some are bloody red, some are gothic black, some are pure white, some are shiny gold, on and on…). While posting these previous ICQ info, I got a sense of how my mind-set has evolved. And of course there were many flash-backs while reading them. My feelings at those moments were captured by these fragments. Suddenly, I realize that another year (the sixth year since I’ve started some form of weblogging) will pass by very soon. To me (or maybe also other women), 25 seems to be a magical number. Yes, it’s an alarm. As some old Chinese people would say, “in the old days, if you’re lucky, you should already have some children by this age.” But these days, the “age gap” seems to be getting narrower. Children and teenagers become more mature; and many young adults choose not to be too mature.

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