This year’s october twelfth is one of the milestones in my life. It is a special day. But due to some reasons, I didn’t follow the original plan. There wasn’t really a plan… It was just a rough idea where we can go & what we can do on this day. Today’s a cool, dry and sunny day – just like one of those days in the Fall. The question “where to eat” was a tough one for this evening. While driving on the Sheppard Ave. E., something popped up in Erix’s mind. Yeah! It was the new Milestone’s Grill & Bar located near the Scarborough Town Centre. We’ve been to the Milestone’s several times. Most of the time, we’d go to the one at Empress Walk. When a new one opened near Hwy 7 & Warden, we’ve been thinking of going there. But I don’t know why… Maybe it’s the location, for many times, we just drove by but didn’t go in.

The Scarborough Town Centre has changed quite a lot these few years. With the newly renovated 2 levels food court inside, the naughty Jack Astor’s, the soft Krispy Kreme and the new Milestone’s, etc…outside the mall, I’m sure it helps to promote the new condos nearby. From my experience, Milestone’s food and service were always so-so, not bad. We’ve tried its pasta, prime rib, sirloin and some other dishes, but so far we haven’t found anything impressive. Another problem is that, they always led us to the very small table even when there were some 4-persons tables available. If you have a chance, take a look at those small 2-persons tables and you can imagine how you’d feel like having 4 big plates on that table.

NEwayz, this evening, we’re giving it another chance. So, we ordered the Cajun popcorn shrimp and a dish of herb breads as starters, and two casual plates – a turkey club sandwich and a red curry chicken bowl. The popcorn shrimp was like the ones we usually had before, a pretty good appetizer. The herb breads weren’t bad either. Erix ordered the turkey club because yesterday was the Thanksgiving. It came with some salad (coleslaw). The turkey club’s taste was okay, but it was a bit dry (especially when you compare it with the one you have at Montana’s). I’ll give it a 6.75 on a scale of 10. I actually hesitated when I ordered the red curry chicken bowl coz I always find it a bit strange to have Asian plates in western restaurants. But I ordered it anyway because I really felt like having curry and some Chinese veggies tonight. It was kinda hot. The chicken was pretty tender, but the rice was too soft (I think I shouldn’t complain about this coz I wasn’t having it at a Chinese place). I think I’ve always liked curry – the indian style ones, the thai green curry and the portugese style ones. But tonight’s red curry wasn’t really my spoon of curry. After all these, we were very full. The total came to around 50 bucks.

I think this may be the last time I’d go to Milestone’s. But if you’re going there sometime, I will still give a recommendation – it’s the Bellini (“A cool blend of Lamb’s white rum, peach liqueur and champagne, topped with sangria”).

Milestone 1
Turkey club sandwich

Milestone 2
Red curry chicken bowl (w/ oriental vegetables and jasmine rice)

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