Suddenly I’m in Paris and Barcelona again. This time it’s for work.

I’ve heard of the sales seasons in Europe long time ago, and I didn’t think I’d have a chance to experience it. Now I’m here… shopped a bit (happily). The big word of “SOLDES” is everywhere in Paris, and I could feel the whole city was excited by the huge discounts. All the women were out hunting for their favourite items. What a scene!

And I’m now back to Barcelona again… during the World Cup final! But again, watching the FIFA game in Barcelona is actually a bit strange – because of the Catalyna and Spain tension lately. I’m not sure how many people in Barcelona actually wants Spain to win. What a complex feeling. Yesterday, one day before the FIFA final, there is a huge demonstration downtown BCN, urging for independence. Every country has its own problem – just like the Chinese saying that “every family has its own story”. This time, I’m living in a different area – rather than close to the hardcore touristy area of Passeig de Gracia, I’m near Placa de Francesa Maria. The feeling is actually quite different – comparable to the downtown-uptown feeling.

But every time I’m in BCN, it seems there are still things that I haven’t seen/tried before. The local districts/communities, the summer drinks, different beaches… I was in the middle of the Gay Pride Parade in Sitges this weekend! But I always wonder why the Pride Parade is always like that… people dressing up strangely, role-playing and SM, etc.

Meeting and work on Monday, then heading back to Shanghai Tuesday morning. It seems life is too short. Enjoy every moment.

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  1. It’s always role-playing and SM because just the goods don’t excite them… they can just take off their own pants and see the goods.

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