Marz in Barcelona

View from IESE

My 3rd day in Barcelona, Spain.

Arrived on Monday midnight, I took a cab to the temporary place that I’m going to stay for the next two weeks. Since it’s night time (each km cost a bit more), from airport (cost 3 Euros more), with luggage (can’t remember the additional charge), the cab costs about 30 Euros. Not very bad – the price level is somehow expected already.

The 1st real day in here – Tuesday, first thing first, I went to get a SIM card through Studentsphone, which has been recommended by my classmates. Wandered around the old city, I figured it’s near the end of the summer sale, so I went in different shops and got 3 pieces of clothings and 1 pair of shoes! Don’t you think I’m a shopaholic! It’s because I really don’t have many clothes to change. The short story is that I originally expected I could bring 2 luggages from Shanghai to Barcelona since that has been the case when I flew to Toronto. But well… It’s not the case for Europe! (Ah, forgot about it when I last went to London. I guess back then I didn’t pay attention to it since my stay was very short anyway.) So, the stuffs for my parents already took up 1/4 of my luggage. The remaining space was for some summer clothes and some thicker winter clothes. You can imagine… I only brought 1 pair of shoes beside the one that I was wearing. God… So that’s why I had to buy something. When it was on sale, the price was actually not bad.

After the clothings, I went grocery shopping. My first experience doing serious shopping in Spanish. I always always read the labels before I buy. This time, everything was in Spanish. So… I was glad that I’ve picked up a bit of Spanish before I came here. But after the whole day, my brain was toasted -_- Then due to jetlag, I stayed up really really late. Just felt like I haven’t slept for like 24 hours.

The 2nd day, I stayed in… was feeling lazy and taking it easy. Cleaning up the apartment, made myself comfortable. Then went down to get some food. Made a really good and easy sandwich + salad for dinner. What a day. I felt like an European. These lazy European… I heard banks close really early here. That really sucks.

Today, the 3rd day. I went to IESE to meet with some people that are taking the Global CEO program, as well as some colleagues from CEIBS. It was my first time getting around by bus. My performance is more than satisfactory. I had no problem finding my way (padding my back). IESE campus was very nice. Although a bit inconvenient to go to (just like CEIBS), it’s located in a very nice area. The picture above is a view from the rooftop of its North Campus. Took some pictures, just snapshots. When my classmates come, I can relax a bit and take some real pictures. ‘Cause I’ve been very careful and staying alert for pickpockets these days – can’t really focus on picture-taking.

After the IESE trip, I wandered again… took the metro to a few different areas. I’ve become a bit more self-conscious as I don’t see many Asian people here… and felt that people keep looking at me. Strange, but still a different experience. I’ve underestimated the temperature in Barcelona. Been sweating like a dog today. Better take a good shower and rest.

Hope from now on, I will have more time to blog.

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