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Yes. I’m going to type this post in English (finally). Since I came to China, I think I only have about 1-2 posts per months. Today, it’s the anniversary (due date) of my website hosting. It’s not cheap at all, over CAD 100 per year. I have to say, this website hasn’t been using that much bandwidth or storage. Some people ask, then why don’t you just get the free hosting services or just go with the web-based blogging services? I guess, I have been treating this blog as my baby and I want the best for it. Free hosting services can be quite bad sometimes. I heard of a lot of downtime and some annoying ads that they put on the site, and web-based blogging… I’m afraid it would be a disaster to transfer all my old posts and comments to that (not sure if that’s doable… I guess there’s always a way. It’s just that I don’t have the luxury of time). So, there I think I will renew it again with Dreamhost. Excellent service but a bit expensive.

Some updates on marz. The month of May is the start of Term 3, which means I’m half way through my MBA program. This is going to be a short academic term. July-August will be internship/GCP (Group Consulting Project), which means I will (should) be working full time for a very low pay. Then September to December I will go on exchange to IESE in Barcelona, Spain. I will probably drop by Toronto for 1-2 weeks in September. I think it’s just human nature; home is where your family is. My parents and a lot of good friends are in Toronto and I miss them. These days in Shanghai, everyday all I speak is English or Mandarin. Today, I all of a sudden feel that I’m quite tired of that. I want to speak Cantonese, my mother tongue. I think that’s why people who are overseas always feel so close to those who come from the same country/origin.

Back to student life meaning… Travelling and going out on a budget. I’ve applied for 2 scholarships and wish me good luck. I really look forward to living in Spain and maybe travelling a bit in Western Europe.

I have been eating out here and there, but again not much time to write about it. Sometimes I feel that I haven’t been going out much, but there is a deck of restaurant business cards that I’ve collected from the places that I’ve been to. That’s the reality vs. perception. I think it’s also the quality vs. quantity as well. So far, I haven’t had a restaurant that wow-ed me.

Student life is not layback at all. There are all sources of pressure: school and work plus all other things that an adult has to take care of. Last night I went clubbing and noticed that I no longer like that kind of life style. After a few hours, I already wanted to leave. If it wasn’t for a friend’s bday, I wouldn’t have gone to a club. Maybe you say I’m settled. I agree that is definitely a factor. It’s probably the crowd and the age. Staying up till 4am and waking up at 1pm. A whole day was gone. I really hate saturday class, it makes the weekend even shorter. Sometimes I thought is this MBA worth it? I think at the end of the day, the answer is yes, especially I have the chance to live in a different city. But I’m getting so sick of school all of a sudden. (Yes, I’m not in a really good mood today. Just want to vent a bit.)

Love life. This is about the 7 months. I don’t know how to describe how it is. Overall is good, but I need to diagnose my own feelings. What was the reason for my sudden mood swing and even hatred? I guess I just dislike those people who think too 高尚 of themselves. I also need space and that’s why I’m blogging in the library now.

Ah. Quite a lot of weddings are coming up. Two in September, one in March 2010 and another one probabaly in September 2010. They are all my good friends’ weddings. Time flies. Among the groups of girl friends, I think G and I will be the last ones to get married. Also congratulations to my cousin who just got married in Feb in Toronto and had the banquets in May in HK. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the wedding ceremony/banquet due to my travel to Tibet in May.

Is marriage a necessity of life? Probably not. But I believe it is necessary to have significant others to have the mutual support. Unfortunately I am such an individualist that I don’t know how to interact closely with someone. It like the “trust” game. It will not work unless you have the confident or willingness to fall on to the other person, who will support you from falling to the ground. No one is perfect. It is a lifetime learning to accept the personal flaws and how to deal with them.

I have so much to share, but it’s time for me to do some case studies. I’m just so sick of business cases now. god.

2 thoughts on “Term 3

  1. ya, I really cant see myself meeting someone in the near future.

    I was really into the ‘love game’ when i was younger but now I have became so into myself, as you said an individualist. also trust is an issue.

    I don think marriage is necessary, companionship is what we are after ultimately. I think its silly to see marriage is THE way to go, all the difficulties in life will not automatically go away when you get married. One still has to deal with alot with oneself, and nobody but yourself can help.

  2. and yes, im using firefox now. IE still wouldnt work with your blog.

    It was nice catching up the other day. Now i miss talking with yuen! need to catch up with her!

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