Restaurant recap (May, Toronto)

Visited some restaurants in May, but didn’t have time to write full reviews for them. So, here’s a recap.

(1) Gilead Cafe
Gilead Cafe 1Gilead Cafe – visited on a Tuesday afternoon for lunch. It’s located on Gilead Place, between King and Eastern. I got there a bit earlier and took a walk around the historic Corktown neighbourhood.

Corktown neighborhood Gilead Cafe 2

We had the Croque Madame w/ Thunder oak Gouda on Sourdough
Gilead Cafe 3

and a Curried Vegetables w/ Raita on Olive Bread
Gilead Cafe 4
The Croque Madame was really good. We liked the mustard sauce. I usually like olive bread and that was why I ordered the curried veggie on olive bread, but it was ok, a bit difficult to eat.

FYI: Gilead Cafe
4 Gilead Place, Toronto, ON.
Tel: 647.288.0680
Open: 8am-6pm Mon to Fri | 8am – 4pm Sat & Sun

(2) The David Duncan House:

I’ve driven by this place many times… going down Don Mills Road (from GTA North), you can see a stand alone old fashioned building on the right hand side. One night, we went to this place and tried it out. The ambient was pretty nice. It definitely wasn’t my style, but once in a while it’s nice to check out some restaurants that I’ve wanted to try. Service was good. The food wasn’t too expensive considered it is a fine dining restaurant. I ordered a seafood entree. Sigh. It was a bit disappointing – nothing spectacular. From that perspective, the food was a bit overpriced. Another person tried the steak but didn’t like that either.

FYI: The David Duncan House
125 Moatfield Drive, Don mills, Toronto
Tel: 416.391.1424

(3) Remezzo Italian Bistro:

Another restaurant that I’ve been thinking of trying but never had a chance. Went there on a Thursday night for dinner. Overall food was pretty good. Entree price range around $12-18. Service was a bit slow and not very responsive – as I was told many servers are part-timers. The dessert Tiramisu was quite good as well, but the rapsberry white chocolate mousse cake was disspointing. Overall… I think it’s not bad at all.

FYI: Remezzo Italian Bistro
3335 Sheppard Ave. E. (@ Warden)
Tel: 416.498.8848

(4) Tony’s Italian Restaurant:

The big tomato sign on Yonge near Sheppard definitely caught my attention. For so many years, I never had a chance to try it. So, one night… we went there. Service – nothing to complain about. The place was cozy. We got a table near the window. There weren’t a lot of customers on a weekend, and later we kinda knew the reason. Depends on what you order… some entree are quite bland. I ordered the Chicken and Shrimp Cacciatore and I liked it, but my friends ordered some pastas and pizza and found them not so great. As a result we didn’t try the dessert there.

FYI: Tony’s Italian Restaurant
4864 Yonge Street, Toronto (North of Sheppard)
Tel: 416.733.3021

(5) Cafe Mirage:

This one is a bit different. I never thought about going into this place. Used to hang out at Sheppard Centre a long time ago. Back then this place was called “Plantation” or something like that. Now, it’s Cafe Mirage. There’s another location near Kennedy and Sheppard. We went to the Sheppard Center after dinner. I liked this place. Wide selection of food to satisfy your craving… you can go there with your significant other where he hasn’t eaten all day and order an entree but you’re just up for dessert (a very possible scenario lol). Huge waffles! OMG… should definitely share with friends. Argh. I wish I checked out this place earlier. (From outside… I didn’t think it’d be like this.)

FYI:Cafe Mirage
(1) Sheppard Center (Yonge & Sheppard)
Tel: 416.250.9422
(2) Kennedy Commons (Kennedy & 401)
Tel: 416.335.1177

(6) Duff’s Wings

The first time I saw this place was a few years ago when I went to Hollywood Gelato. Since then, this idea came up a few times but I never tried it. Finally, we were there. The wings were pretty good, but I think I prefer St. Louis (Yonge/Finch). Let me know what you think.

FYI: Duff’s Wings
1604 Bayview Ave.
Tel: 416.544.0100

(7) Patisserie la Cigogne

After Duff’s Wings we went to this place – recommended by my friend, JL. Nine of us shared 6 individual cakes. We liked Intense and Louis XIV. We both agreed that the cakes here were better (fresher) than the ones that we had @ La Bamboche. Nice! Check it out if you’re in that area. Took a lot of pictures, but haven’t uploaded. You can check out the cake pictures on the website. (don’t drool :p I hate blogging late at night! Makes me wanna eaaat)

FYI: Patisserie la Cigogne
1626 Bayview Ave., Toronto
Tel: 416.487.1234


Maybe I’ve missed a few restaurants… but these are the ones that I can think of top of my head. *cough cough* late at night… I should sleep and rest. Long flight coming up.

4 thoughts on “Restaurant recap (May, Toronto)

  1. Hi, I’ve read your blog on and off, and thought that this should be the time I should introduce myself! 🙂

    I’m Jenn, fellow foodie. Don’t quite have a blog/foodsite of my own, but I’m on quite often.

    Yeah, about Cafe Mirage, I totally agree with you there. They also have a liquor licence, which is good. ‘Coz I dont know about you, but sometimes some boyfriends would like a beer, while you might like a fruity smoothie or something, and Cafe Mirage can satisfy both. 🙂 Also with the big entree and dessert scenerio. We frequent the Kennedy location, and my SO loves their pizzas. Very cheesey. Too cheesey for me. I usually just get a latte and nibble on a slice.

    Please post pictures of cakes from Patisserie la Cigogne! Would love to see them.

  2. Just to let you know…Tony’s Italian Restaurant just became “Armando’s” few days ago, still Italian cuisine, no big tomato sign anymore…

  3. Hey how u doing at ShangHai?

    Miss ya already! Btw me and fifi went past Tony’s the other day (a few days after our dinner there), it’s no longer there! Not sure if they just changed the name or what…. funny~

  4. Hi Jennjen18, thanks for dropping by! Good to know more about your experience w/ Cafe Mirage and wish I’d been there earlier! argh! As requested, I’m uploading some pictures that I took from patisserie la cigogne… hehe non-edited version.

    GENE!! What?!!?!??! that’s such a surprised… I’m gonna miss the Tomato sign… 🙁

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