On the road (LA)

it’s such a crazy idea to try to blog on my iPod Touch… Got off the plane today at 2:30pm PST. Drove on the hwy110 w/o a GPS – which was what I chose to do. Then quickly wandered around downtown, chinatown (saw more non-asian there than chinese). Then got lost and drove far up north. Call me stubborn lol. Yah. I just wanna do it old school – a map, a sense of direction (and of course ASK if really can’t figure out)… Not in a hurry for anything anyway. Gonna take it easy tonite and up and go again tmr. Las vegas was all bling bling and glitters – visited all the casinos – Bellagio, Venetia and Wynn were the best ones. I have a feeling one day I’ll go back and live in one of those.

Different city, different vibes.

Hope LA will turn out as great as the other ones. 29 days… So fast, only 10 days left, but yah I’ve eaten out enough. Just want something simple.

I think everytime I go travel or get to spend some time alone (almost), I get to know myself a bit better – what I really like and how I see myself. I can see I’m almost there… almost.

6 thoughts on “On the road (LA)

  1. A while ago, Gershom and I were just discussing about how GPSs are over-hyped and how important it is to use good old-fashioned maps! You have my utmost respect and admiration! 🙂

  2. given your tight timeline after you’re back. Jen and I have been thinking of another girls outing. How about high tea on a Sunday afternoon? Let me know which day works for you.

  3. my parents run a bakery in Chinatown! I probably should have told you sooner so that you might have paid them a visit. Its close to the center of chinatown, so odds are you walked by it. Haha !

  4. Joe! What a nice surprise to see you here! Yes, I think I’m 99% sure I’ve walked by your parents’ bakery! You shoulda told me so I can say Hi to them 🙂 LA Chinatown… interestingly I find a lot of the places are changing into art galleries…

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