Life oh Life

It’s Easter Monday, and I know some of you are at work. Some of you… might be a bit luckier and get a day off today. So, what have I done? So far I’ve been jobless for a week… been running errands, cleaning up my room, cleaning out the clothes, books and papers that I’ve collected all these years but never worn/used. Such a crazy junk collector.

Wanted to watch Randy Pausch’s last lecture for a long time, but keep forgetting. Today got forwarded a link and finally watched it. I guess, sometimes things are yours… eventually it’ll become yours (as in Chinese saying).

It’s a very inspirational video clip. Check it out. You can find the whole lecture on YouTube if you like it.

Then, I got another link from another friend. Good to share with people: Five things happy people do.

Life is tough sometimes, but tough time never last. You and me can choose to live happily and bring joy to others. Stay positive. It’s a challenge worth taking on.

By the way, a friend found a pregnant stray cat… now she just delivered 4 kitties. Let me know if anyone is interested in adopting one. 😀

4 thoughts on “Life oh Life

  1. hey, i like your site and i like joanna wang a lot.

    have you tried 好清香? English is ‘delicious restaurant’. it’s located east of bayview/Hwy7 (on Hwy7). They don’t open for dinner though, nor tuesday i believe.

    Anywhos, try it out if you have a chance, i don’t think it will stay open very long since the chef is getting old.

  2. Hi trebanana, thanks 😀 I tried that place. It’s been there for over 10 years. Now that you mentioned it, I think I haven’t been eaten there these few years. I still remember we had to wait for a long time for a table – or to share a table with other people. I should pay a visit soon. 😉

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