The morning after Friday

The morning after the Friday that I’ve quitted my job – I didn’t feel like going to my calligraphy class. Around 10:28am I changed my mind, instead of going to the cultural center, I went to McDonald’s. I didn’t really know why I did that. Maybe, just maybe, people like me always want to do something special on special days like this. One break-up, I took off a ring, another break-up, I bought a ring. Job is job… slightly different. I just wanted to do something outside of my routine.

Parked my car near the corner of one of the ghettos (people say it’s quite dangerous around here, but it looks ok to me) – very nice outside. If you were in Toronto today, you would definitely agree with me. What a nice day. There were a lot of kids in there – March Break it is.

Coffee is one huge market that McDonald’s wants to tap into. Of course this big giant isn’t gonna let Tim Hortons dominate. That’s why McD has all sorts of promotions and commercials, trying to get its coffee out there. Looked at their Cinnamon Melt poster. IT IS very appealing to me. I’d say their billboard ads and radio commercials got me in today. Before 11am – you can get a free coffee with purchase of a cinnamon melt.

McD - Nice morning

The cinnamon melt was pretty good. Nicely fit in this little box, but don’t know why I just felt that I’ve created extra waste. It’s nice, but compare to a paper bag, this packaging seems to be a bit too much. I’d want to love my environment and minimize the waste… however I also know where McD’s coming from. It’s the cinnamon “MELT”… it ain’t gonna look good if it’s stuft in a paper bag. Plus it’s gonna be very messy. Too bad. Mr. Earth.

McD - Cinnamon Melt

To be honest, I DO like the coffee. Very nice. Sitting beside the window and read some newspaper. I know, I sound like a retired old lady. lol

It was nice…

3 thoughts on “The morning after Friday

  1. somehow, i found McD’s coffee taste better than Tim’s…
    but I guess I added too much sugar into it, i’m drinking coffee flavor sugar syrup…

  2. Yes, I think so too… McD’s coffee actually did better in the blind test. But again… a lot of the time, it’s not just the coffee, it’s the perception. Interesting to see if McD can reposition its coffee in the market :p (Sounds like a business talk all of a sudden!!)

  3. I agree McD’s coffee is better than Tim’s. Even when I order the meal there I replace soft drink with coffee.

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