The Chophouse (@ Unionville)

Two years in a row, the X’mas/New Year company lunch took place at Baton Rouge in Richmond Hill. This year, we’ve decided not to go there again. Therefore, we’ve come up with a list of restaurants that we could go such as… Octagon, Richmond Grill, Chophouse, Il Fornello, Carnaval Brazilian Grill, Nava, etc. At last, we picked the Chophouse on Main Street, Unionville.

Their website looks ok.
Chophouse 1 Chophouse 2 Chophouse 3 Chophouse 4 Chophouse 5 Chophouse 6

We went there around 1pm, took us quite a long time to figure out what to eat. Most of us ordered something different, but most dishes involved some kind of steak. Some ordered pasta, some ordered salad. For appetizer, some order French onion soup, some ordered salad. We had a rose and a sparkling wine. The Rosé was good – a bit sweeter than I like. The steak was not bad. According to my colleagues, the pasta (seafood linguine) was quite bland (I’ve had a bite and I agree), the French onion soup was good – not too salty. Service-wise nothing to complain about. A colleague didn’t feel too well, and one of the waitresses was kind enough to suggest getting some fresh air and offer some soda water.

Overall, I think it’s a pretty good place to chill. It is supposed to be a fine dining place, but the decor and price range were relatively “friendly”. Oh, almost forgot, we ordered the mango sorbet, the chocolate ice-cream and a creme brulee. I had a bit of each – they were so-so.

FYI: Chophouse
149 Main St., Unionville, ON L3R 2G8
Tel: (905) 480-0094

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