Happy Holidays!~

Finally… holidays have started. 1st day of the holiday, almost got sick. Luckily, no need to work til Jan 2. And after 14 hours of rest – I’m doing ok now.

Just wanna say MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you.

This year I haven’t sent out any card except for the elderly (70+) overseas and the company clients. Towards the end of this year and early next year there are going to be a lot of weddings in HK. Wish you all the best.

A few more days and it will be year 2008. In the new year, I hope everyone will succeed in whatever s/he is pursuing. Find a dream, a direction and go for it. Work hard but remember not to burn yourself out. Here are something that I try to remind myself from time to time.

1. Show appreciation and don’t take anything for granted – whether it is your family, friends, colleagues, boss or anything in your life.

2. Know yourself better – your strengths, weaknesses, personality, interests, passion, body, etc.

3. If you find yourself working 24/7 and still can’t get things done, there must be something wrong. Sit back and rethink, sometimes it’s good to be lazy – i.e. be creative and think about how to work smarter.

4. Make sure lessons are learnt. Take notes and remind yourself of your mistakes / failure. Think about why you made that mistake and how you can prevent that from happening again. It applies to school, work, personal relationships and even stock market, etc.

5. Prioritize and Focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking doesn’t mean you do everything all at once – instead it means to me that I have to evaluate my priority list more often and while focusing on one thing at a time, the big picture still sits in the back of my mind.

6. Keep your promise – it’s important.

7. On the other hand, learn how to say NO. Otherwise, you’ll end up overloading yourself, not doing the best you can, and even not being able to deliver what you’ve promised.

8. Have an open mind and be willing to try different things – food, music, movies, arts, sports, languages, travel – the list goes on and on. AND be willing to take on new challenges.

9. Read at least a few pages a day. I believe 99% of the authors put 100% of effort into their work. Reading is the one of the most beneficial activities that anyone can think of. Of course, pick some good books from different subjects, not just comic books / magazines.

10. Pick up at least one kind of sports. Stay active and healthy.

11. Save a portion of each of your pay cheque for investment / rainy days. Without savings ($), there’s no freedom, thus no happiness. Being able to work on something that you are passionate about is a luxury, a blessing. If you don’t have passion in your current job / career, at least the savings can support you in finding something else you like… or at least you can have the option of saying “I’ve had enough!”

12. Live in the moment. If you’re at a party, enjoy your time there; If you’re working, do your very best; If you’re performing / presenting, just do it with heart – no need (too late) to worry about anything. If you’re not happy now, there’s no point worrying about the future. Do it with passion. Hug, Kiss, and Make love with passion.

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