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Food Journal (fragments in Nov) – 2

To be honest, I’m kinda tired of South East Asian food, but for some reasons I have been eating out at these different places – Thai, Malaysian, etc. One of them was the “Spices Asian Thai Cuisine” located in Richmond Hill (the exact same location of the original JP2).

One rainy night, we went to this place. This Hwy 7 / Hwy 404 “corner” is always a busy dining destination. However, for some reasons, this unit is usually not as busy. Maybe it’s because of the location, or because of its color/banner, etc. – it just doesn’t really stand out. (You can see its outlook from here)

The first time was dinner time. We ordered two of their signiture dishes.
(1) Golden seafood curry in young coconut 椰青海皇咖哩窩 – tiger shrimp, scallop, squid, mussels in yellow curry.
Spices 8

And (2) Crispy Vermicelli 海鮮濕炒酥脆米粉 – Deep fried vermicelli stir-fried with shrimp, squid, scallops, etc. The look was really good, and I took a picture of it BUT I can’t find it now >o< argh. Taste was pretty good, but the downside is that after deep-fry, the vermicelli become too crispy and "air-y" to a point that it's difficult to eat. Very lightweight and taste like nothing if there's no sauce. I would recommend putting more sauce on the side... Overall, I would say this place is good if you want to have a quiet chat with you friend. However, if it is for a first date or something, we would suggest you not to order these two dishes since they can be quite messy. The 2nd visit was also for company Friday lunch. Since it is very close to where I work. At around 1pm, 7 of us came to this place. First glance, it seemed to be quite full inside, so we waited for a while. Second look, I saw there was a long table right there and I wondered why it took them so long to set the table. I think they should never let customers wait outside. Sat down and looked at their menu. Lunch items are priced at $4.99 to $6.99. They did tell the true (from the banners outside). Spices 1 Spices 2

A colleague ordered apple juice but here’s what he got – a carbonated drink. Not sure how it tasted. (He said it wasn’t good – didn’t drink it after the first sip – he was too polite to complain.)
Spices 3

I ordered a Laksa. It was ok. Could be better. I think it’s the aroma that was lacked.
Spices 4

Some other dishes that my colleagues ordered. A suggestion would be “garnish” – All these dishes look quite plain. Even though it might cost a bit more (I wonder how much… Just put a few slices of orange/grapefruits or some herbs). Garnish is the type of thing that you don’t care, but you’ll feel empty if it’s not there.

According to them, they tasted ok / so-so.
Spices 5

Spices 6

Spices 7

The customer service was ok. Could be better. (Why am I always saying this… could be better. Am I being too harsh?) We asked for separate bills, but they said the best they could do was “2-by-2” i.e. 2 persons on 1 bill. Strange. Relatively good price for lunch time – no wonder there were quite a lot of patrons during that time.

FYI: Spices Thai Asian Cuisine
135 York Boulevard, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3B4
Tel: 905-882-6933

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