Recent eats (Part 1)

Food adventure continues…

Here are some of the places that I’ve been to in the past 30 days. Some surprises 🙂 As you can see, I haven’t really blogged about food lately (except for Batifole or my UK trip). JK was talking to me about it the other day and I said somehow I just got a bit tired of it. You know, it happens and I don’t want to force it. Sometimes I’m busy and sometimes I just don’t feel like it. Rest – because there is a long way to go, as in Chinese: 休息, 是為了走更長的路.

(I) Pulp Kitchen
The first one I’m gonna talk about is this Pulp Kitchen located in Leslieville. It is a vegetarian restaurant. Its philosophy is: Nourish your body, nourish your mind and nourish your soul. In other words, eat at Pulp Kitchen at least 3 times a week (LOL). On my first visit, we came to this place for brunch. At around 1:30ish, I sat down and looked at the menu. What I ordered? A PK sandwich. Nice! PK is also my initials. Can’t go wrong with the signiture sandwich.
Pulp Kitchen 1
Flax toasted sandwich with crispy breaded tofu, oven roasted tomato, avocado, cilantro dijon mayo, served with baked home-fries and mixed greens. Taste was not bad. I actually seldom go vegetarian to be honest. Last time I had a “veggie burger” but that was at a fast food place. Wasn’t really healthy with the pre-made high-sodium patty.

Pulp Kitchen 2
JK ordered the Granola – Home-made and voted one of the best by Toronto Life. Topped with fresh fruits and pure maple yogurt. Had a spoon of that. I like it!

Pulp Kitchen 3
Just to give you a feel of how this place look like… I took this picture at around 3:30pm… I think they were closing around that time. The servers were friendly. Took all these pictures with my cell phone but the quality is surprisingly good.

FYI: Pulp Kitchen
898 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON.
Tel: 416-461-4612 (for take out)
Open: M-F 8am-5pm; S/S 10am-4pm

(II) Gal’s Sushi
Second place – an over-due dinner with TC and also return of my DS Lite. On a weeknight, we picked this Gal’s Sushi place because it’s conveniently located near both of our workplaces. At around 7pm, I arrived and seated. There weren’t a lot of customers at first, but half an hour later, people started coming in. Rough estimate, this place can seat 200 people. It is a relatively large dining place. From all the buzz I’ve heard from my colleague and friends, this place has been getting good feedback. Before I even try the food, I would say one thing that make them standout is their logo outside, facing Hwy 7. There aren’t a lot of restaurants in those two new office building near Warden and Hwy 7, so this place really caught my attention everytime I drove by at night.

Gal's Sushi 7

It is a Japanese-Korean restaurant. Actually there is another Gal’s sushi (near Bayview/Hwy7) opened by this group of people (I heard), and then they later sold the other location and opened up this one. There are both Japanese and Korean dishes on the menu. A Katsu don costs like $11.99 at dinner time, which kinda imply this restuarant isn’t really cheap. The lunch combos, however are pretty good priced. Also, FYI, they open early around 8am and offer breakfast. At first both of us wanted the “egg-wrapped rice” 蛋包飯 but they only offer that during lunch.

Gal's Sushi 1

So, instead, we ordered a rainbow roll (portion isn’t that big), a Dwen Jang Chi-gae, and a BulGoGi.
Gal's Sushi 2 Gal's Sushi 3

Gal's Sushi 4 Gal's Sushi 5

The food was good overall. As usual we get the Korean side dishes although there are not a lot of them unlike the usual Korean place. There are 4 sushi chefs at one time – quite a lot compared to many other non-AYCE places, but second thoughts, maximum capacity is 200, of course they need more chefs. The final damage was about $32 before gratuity. We were still chatting towards the end but the lady already gave us the bill – kinda rude in a way since that there is no one waiting. Felt like a take-out place instead of a place for you to stay for the night and enjoy the dinner.

Aside, another comment – I think they have a pretty good website.

FYI: Gal’s Sushi
3621 Hwy 7 East, Markham, ON.
Tel: 905-305-7753
Open: 7 days a week, 8:30am – 11pm

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