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After the last endeavour, we have selected our next destination – Batifole, a French restaurant located in the East Chinatown of Toronto. The original date was supposed to be the 20th. As usual, we expected to reschedule a few times, but it was not as embarrassing this time around since we only rescheduled once. It was also the first time we’ve ever done Friday dinner. Since we always came out on Saturday night, last Friday night felt a bit like Saturday to us.

One of the reasons why we chose this restaurant was that it was recommended by one of the staff at Perigee. Originally we were planning to enjoy a brunch at Batifole after hearing so many good comments on their brunch. However, when I called to make the reservation, I was told that they no longer offer brunch (*note: their website is not up-to-date*).

That night, I felt like dressing a bit differently – so I put on a dress that has a touch of the 70’s. Too bad, MR didn’t quite buy that (LOL). It was okay. I just wanted to wear that at least once.

Around 8:45pm, we arrived this place. While we were on our way, I saw all the Chinese stores on the side of Gerrard. It wasn’t until then I realized we were in the East Chinatown. I seldom go there. Maybe… back in 1999, I came back once… to revisit the kindergarten that I used to go to, and the house that I used to live in.

It was a full house again, which is good. It means we picked the right one. The restaurant was cozy and a bit different from the usual ones that we visit. This one, no tasting menu but you (we) can visit more often.

First of all, MR and I ordered the French Martini. It was okay – didn’t quite like the after taste. Looking at the menu, JK and I decided to go for the prix fixe menu and MR ordered a la carte. The bread was good… I love bread and butter. Like MR said… can live with bread, butter and cheese. I had Escargot as appetizer…and butter-dipped bread.
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Lobster and crab soup for JK.
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Carrot soup for MR. Had a sip of both of them. Pretty good – but it was from a sip. Gotta ask MR/JK how they like it after they’ve finished a whole bowl. JK and I selected the oven baked bass filet with shaved fennel in saffron infused French vermouth. Sounds sophisticated eh. The portion was pretty large. With the wine and spice, the fish was aromatic. The flip side is that you can’t really taste the taste of fish. Really depends on your taste.
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MR’s thick cut Ontario Angus steak with peppercorn sauce w/ bone marrow. I tried quite a big piece and IT WAS GOOD! so Yummm. But I don’t know if I could finish the whole piece all by myself though.
Batifole 5

MR ordered French Fries… and we didn’t know our meal also comes with French Fries. They were really really good… I felt like in heaven. The server saw that we didn’t finish the two whole baskets and our explanation was… we were just too full. Yah, this place’s portion is good.
Batifole 6

Desserts: Tiny Vineland Pear Drunk in Calvados (came with the prix fixe) – … Had a small bite of the pear. No comment -_- but the wine was good. Cognac scented crème brûlée (again, came with the prix fixe) – I liked it.
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Around 10:30pm we got our bill. The total damage this time was about the same as the usual 1-person damage (around $170 before gratuity). I was feeling a bit dizzy after the Martini, Champagne (yes we also ordered a round of that), Calvados, and mix with crème brûlée. Our gathering continued at Y Not @ Yorkville (just 1 level above Sushi Inn) – Didn’t feel like drinking but it was very nice place just to chill. Good suggestion MR.
Y Not

Again, good to have our food exploration. I would recommend Batifole.

FYI: Batifole (one-page website)
744 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M4M 1Y3
Tel: 416-462-9965

7 thoughts on “Batifole – Best French Food in Chinatown

  1. Nice review and I really want to try. But I found the title a bit odd. It’s like Best Chinese Food in Greek Town. You know what I mean? 😛

  2. Yupyup! totally hear you :p Look at the first picture… We were kinda laughing at it when we saw that on the blackboard.

  3. wow east chinatown, its really 彷如隔世 to me~~ havent been to there for soooooooooooo long~

    the food seems very yum yum, its very exp. to hv french cuisine here in HK ar~

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