Asian Pearl(s) Recap

Annual vacation part two. The UK trip was supposed to have 10 chapters (1 chapter per day) and so far I have only finished up to the 4th one. That’s also one of the reasons why I’m gonna keep this HK/Shanghai post short and concise.

I used to feel that HK is my second home, but I gradually feel the distance recently. Nevertheless, I do have relatively high level of tolerance and quick adjustment. Used to live in the New Territories and I guess that’s what made me less of a typical HK person. Whenever I visit HK, I always go to Yuen Long, the lovely town that I used to live in. Some may disagree with me. I know, and I find Yuen Long has indeed lost its original natural and undisturbed quality in the past 5-10 years.

Way to Yuen Long

I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned about this. This place is totally a landmark of Yuen Long. When I was a kid, my mom used to tell me to get off the bus when I see the Heng Heung building.
Yuen Long Heng Heung

On our way to my aunt’s place, we saw these red persimmon doesn’t look natural to me. I was partly curious and partly scared. (What the hell are they… what have they done to these fruits? Mutation?) But we bought it anyway, white mouse.

Of course, I wouldn’t leave HK w/o having eaten a piece of wife cake. Yummm… Still so good.
Wife Cake

I spent the first 3 days and the last 3 days in HK, the other days, I went to Shenzhen and Shanghai to visit friends and relatives. I didn’t take any picture in Shenzhen… just because it’s like my third home now.

*** Time blinks ***

The second week, I went to Shanghai. During this trip, I didn’t visit the famous restaurants. Instead, we lived with a friend, a man in his 70’s, and had the real local Shanghainese food – either homemade or in the local restaurants. The area that we lived in also gave me a different perspective of Shanghai. Outside the central financial hub, most internationalized part of the city, I could see the contrast between the rich and the poor.

The old man was so kind… He said, “This is the best moon cake here.” I tried the “5-nuts” mooncake. All of a sudden, the feelings and the flashbacks all kicked in. I’m amazed how sophisticated human brains are. Exactly 3 years ago, I was stuck in Japan due to an accident. Without enough cash, I lived on a tight budget. One of the few things that I was left with was a “5-nuts” mooncake. I think I always know the feeling of being poor, or… I’d say, without much money – since I’m so far a fortunate person who haven’t experienced the extreme situation. Compared to our parents’ generation, most of us are very fortunate. During that period of time I was in Japan, I really appreciated that I had many friends who cared and helped. AL, EC, KL, etc., maybe you’ve already forgotten about this, but I do remember.

Also, met up with a friend, my so-called god brother, in Shanghai. It’s such a fate that we could meet up everywhere, Shenzhen, Shanghai, etc. I checked out the KFC there. They have the fish burger and I loved it!!
Fish Burger combo @ Shanghai KFC

Bro is now studying in Jiaotong University and he showed me around… and introduced me to his schoolmates – a bunch of smart (but friendly) ppl.
JiaoTong University

Then, we met up with another friend who came from Toronto. Walked around the city, including the “Xin Tian Di” (新天地). We went to a Japanese restaurant, however, the food was so-so.
Japanese food in SH

Shanghai does have a great night scene. It is however quite different from what you’d see in HK.
Shanghai Night Scene

Typical View of Shanghai

The pictures above are the typical glossy look of Shanghai. The other day, we came to a market for jewellery. On our way, I took this picture. What a contrast.
Alternate View of Shanghai

Of course, we also went to a few other tourist spots, including the “Cheng Huang Miao” (城隍廟) and YuYuan.

Last but not least, I had the home-cooked 大閘蟹. Starting the 2nd day I was in Shanghai, it started raining and there was a typoon hitting Shanghai. The old man was going to get some better crabs from a rural market, but it was too much hassle. Plus, the best time for crabs was supposed to be 2 weeks after I left (which is about now…) It’s ok. I can always have it next time I go there. He also cooked the local corns. Those ones are the real stuffs – very different from the species that we get in the North America. He put all the whole corns in a big bowl and cooked them for an hour. The corn soup was delicious – very home-y.

During the trip, I also met up with other friends. I know some of you ain’t gonna see this post…But I just wanna say I’m really happy to see you guys & girls again!

– JC – Congratulations to you – getting married and hope you can lose the 30lbs before your big day!

– UTSC ppl – Congrats to the two pairs who are getting married the end of this year! Good to catch up on the 3rd floor BBQing!! I know I looked dead that night.

– CF – Can’t believe we met up on that one and only night – I had fun hitting 3 nightclubs on 1 night with you girls. Hope you had a great trip to Phuket!

– AL and KL – Good girls-nite-out before I left! Thanks for your advice. See you next year!!

– CLS old friends… gosh. I have to say you made me feel like home whenever I see you guys and girls. IL – look forward to your wedding next year! Hope I’ll see more CLS ppl next year.

– PC – Wahaha – I’ll definitely bring you to the CLS gathering next year! Hope your days are more sunny these days.

– Oh… and my cousins~ 🙂 +oil to expand your Chinese medicine business.

Good days… a lot of things happened in the two weeks… and yah. I forgot to say, I almost missed my plane for Toronto. Gosh. Almost had a heart attack! Schedule was packed – I have to say I did fully-utilized the two weeks vacation. But I definitely need some rest after this vacation.

*And I’ll definitely check out the hot spots in Shanghai next time. Thanks Fun for your reco.

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