Stratford in August

So many times that I wanted to finish this post, this long overdue travelogue (or simply a recap of my 1 day trip to Stratford). It was my first time there. At first, I didn’t even know where I was going. All know was… it was a trip to a corn maze.

It was a Saturday and it had been raining for 2 days. You can see the clouds on top of the town building…
Town of Stratford

It’s always great to walk around a town that you’ve never been to. The foreigner has no expectation, which implies there may be surprises. This picture was taken by RL – with the subtle mood of a movie where the main character is lost in the crossroad.

Picture taken from a garden, 山雨欲來…
Grey sky

This is the only Chinese (Canadian-Chinese) restaurant that I saw. Wondering how the food there would taste.
Chinese Canadian restaurant

After looking at the phamplet and brochure that we got from the tourist information booth, we decided to come to this “Keystone Alley” – Menu looked pretty decent.
Checking it out

What's on menu?

Inside the restaraunt/cafe, there were quite a lot of patrons. Special menu on the whiteboard. Without waiting for too long, we were brought to the outdoor patio. Although it looked better in the picture, the patio was not bad.
Daily Specials Outdoor patio

Overall the price range was good – below $20 per entree. A lot of us ordered the quiche. I liked it – tasted good, not too heavy, just right.

Walking down the street, we went into one of the stores and smelt something. It was actually the smell of chocolate from this Chocolate BARR’s beside.

So many different types of chocolate to choose from. One of my problems is that when I am given too many choices, I usually don’t make a choice. They got two packages of chocolate/caramel coated nuts/popcorns. They were ok.
Inside Chocolate Barr's

After the chocolate, we walked by a store… where a cat was walking and then sleeping inside the display window. Awww… It just looked so comfy and lazy.
Cat sleeping on the display

I didn’t know that Balzac’s Coffee has opened up a location in Stratford. Since the raining became water pouring, we went in the Balzac’s Coffee to get some coffee and tea. Just chill, you know.
Balzac's Coffee

Balzac's ...

Rain gradually stopped and the question is… should we still check out the corn maze? Sure we should and sure we could.
Corn Maze

So we came to the corn maze. The woman there was very friendly. She let us go to the field to check out the maze. But the ground was really muddy and we didn’t go into the maze.
Corn Labyrinth

There were some questions on each of these signs. I could see they tried to make this as educational as possible.

Muddy road…
Muddy road

It was a very nice trip. Enjoy life while we can, shall we?

FYI: Keystone Alley Cafe & Key’d Inn
34 Brunswick Street, Stratford, ON N5A 6L8

Chocolate BARR’s
136 Ontario Street, Unit 1, Stratford, ON N5A 7Y4

Balzac’s Coffee
149 Ontario Street, Stratford, ON N5A 3H1

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