UK chapter 4

The fourth day in London. We went to the heart of London and walked around the magnificent Houses of Parliament, Abbey, Churches, etc. They are all located in Westminster.

The Big Ben – so strange that I always think/feel that Big Ben is a person. Perhaps it’s because I have an uncle called Ben. Big Ben takes care of Small Mar. Took this picture right after I came out of the tube station.

Big Ben

If you could choose, would you want to be part of the royal family? I don’t think I would. Behind the walls and gates, there sit a few most famous/powerful people in the world. But everything comes with a price. You can’t go in there freely, neither can they come out freely.

How dare you...

Great Britain… The conquerors.


There are so much detail on the outer walls, doors and gates. The buildings are very well maintained. Compared to the London, suddenly I felt that Toronto is so tiny… not as rich, culturally.

Great Britian

This looks so familiar.

I've seen them before.

St Margaret’s Church Westminster Abbey.

My church

My church again…

My church 2

The world’s largest Ferris wheel in London – sitting on the side of River Thames (South Bank). Beside that is the London Aquarium.

London Eyes on Thame

Didn’t know what to eat. Looking at the hot dogs in London, I thought Toronto’s are much better. (And I kinda missed my Canadian Timmies too!) We went to McDonald’s and tried this out. It was ok… a Mexican twist to the quarter pounder.

M in the UK

After the historical heart of London, we went to the modern heart of London – the SOHO/Covent Garden. Looking at this, lots of flashbacks. I remember I was there 6 years ago, alone.

Covent Garden

Yes, I agree. Never too busy to be beautiful. But I don’t think I’ve been walking the talk.

Yes it's right

I heard that the hot chocolate @ PAUL is very thick… Drinking that feels like drinking “real chocolate”.


It was VERY THICK and RICH indeed. I’d recommend that you share it with another friend. But it was good to have something hot during that rainy evening.

Really THICK hot Chocolate

China town was within walking distance. Actually, London is a city where you can just walk around. Everything seems to be so close. That’s why I lost weight when I went to London and gained it all back when I came back to Toronto. Chinese food was relatively cheap compared to other types of food in London. However, compared to Toronto’s Chinese food, the variety in London is still limited and the price is much higher. Took this picture in an arcade… with nice reflection of neon light on the glass.

China Town

Then, we walked to SOHO area. This Harmony sex shop was a pretty nice one with all sorts of toys, lingerie, and books, etc.

Naughty me

It was getting dark. Stores were closing… Otherwise, I’d love to walk around this Oxford Street shopping area.

Oxford road

Saw this Topshop flagship across the street. It looked so stylish with the lighting. I didn’t go in until the last day of my trip. The place was quite large with different sections. The price wasn’t very low, but relatively not as expensive compared to the average price tags in London. If G didn’t mention to me about the bikini was on sale the day we were at the airport, I wouldn’t have bought the bikini. Haven’t tried it. Not sure if the quality is good. Kate Moss is such an icon. No matter what she does/has done, she still sells.

Topshop by Kate Moss

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  1. even when i was in the US, i would miss the toronto sausages .. they’re just so much better in toronto .. mmmmmm ..

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