The New Laws of Fashion (for men)

I noticed (or felt) that there’s a higher percentage of male readers here.

So, this may be of your interest. Got forwarded this new laws of fashion.

I’ve browsed through them. Not sure if they’re all true, but the ones that I’ve read are quite good.

Click here for more info.

3 thoughts on “The New Laws of Fashion (for men)

  1. Great link Marz!!

    I would have to slightly disagree with the article though, as these “new laws” are traditional, basic guidlines. But I can see the point that the current generation of young men who grew up with hip-hop, running shoes, earings, baggy jeans, etc may benifit from this information as they grow out of their youth. For the most part, it used to be that a young man would grow up knowing certain habits, rituals, and social norms from his father, such as polishing shoes, tying a tie in various knot styles, etc.
    Furthermore, I would have to disagree with this statement; “The hem of your pants should cover the laces of your shoes and slope slightly downward toward the heel, stopping about an inch above the welt”, as an inch is slightly too high from the top of the heel on a mens dress shoe and will cause the pant leg to wave in the wind and seem like “floods” Overall though, I would agree with you that it is a good article. Besides, women notice how a man dresses, especially his shoes.

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