UK chapter 3

After the day trip to Brighton, we came to Bath, a place west of London. The train system in the UK is very well-developed compared to that of Canada. Again, that really reminds me of Hong Kong, where there are different types of trains connecting most of the districts. The train we were taking that day was this bright red SouthWest Train. The train was new and nice.
UK trip - Day 3 - Going to Bath

We changed to another train @ Chapham Junction, which is the major station with the largest number of platforms.
Chapham Junction

You can see all these rails and platforms from another angle.
Chapham Junction - platforms

Living in Canada, one of the most peaceful countries in the world, we seldom see these. Living in the UK and the US… a totally different story. I still remember seeing the terrorist attacks on TV a week after I came back to Toronto. I was lucky.
Terrorism -_-

Everyone must have somehow thought about Europe backpacking after graduation. Some friends did it a few years ago and some friends just got back from Europe a week ago. I guess that’s the reason why you see these “chewable toothbrushes” in the washrooms of train stations and airports.
Chewable Toothbrush

After about 3-4 hours, we finally arrived in Bath. This is my first sight of the town. Didn’t seem to be a great sunny day, but it wasn’t that bad. At least, it didn’t rain while we were there.
Got off the train - 1st sight

Second tourist spot – the Bath Abbey. Gosh… there are countless Abbey’s in the UK. But this one was particularly nice – with the guitar player in the center and an overall relaxing mood.

From another angle…
Bath - 2

Bath – why is this place called Bath? Because that’s where the royalty and wealthy had bath and spa. Here’s some info about this place.

The city is founded around the only naturally occurring hot springs in the United Kingdom. It was first documented as a Roman spa, although tradition suggests that it was founded earlier. The waters from its spring were believed to be a cure for many afflictions. From Elizabethan to Georgian times it was a resort city for the wealthy. As a result of its popularity during the latter period, the city contains many fine examples of Georgian architecture, most notably the Royal Crescent. The city has a population of over 90,144 and is a World Heritage Site. (more…)

The Roman Baths & Pump Rooms
Bath - the real BATH

Exhibition inside…
Exhibition inside Bath

Even though Bath is no longer a place for the royalty and is not limited to the wealthy, it just seems to be such a nurturing and pampering place. A place where people can relax and immerse themselves in literature. While walking around the town, for some reason I turned my head to one of the houses and I saw this – Jane Austen used to live here!
Jane Austen used to live here

We wandered around the town and felt a bit tired. Afterall, we haven’t eaten anything except some desserts. We went to Waitrose, once of the grocery chains there. Whenever I travel to another country, I love to visit the local groceries. The frozen food are quite different from what we have here in Canada…
Frozen food @ Waitrose

Frozen dinners looked good… :p~~~
Frozen dinner @ Waitrose

We got this before boarding the train back home.
Our "pre-dinner"

On our way back to the train station… took another snapshot, a food event.
On our way back ...

While waiting for the train at the station, we were just too happy talking, chatting, laughing… and browsing all the pictures that we’ve taken. Here comes the consequence! The last train to the interchange is leaving!!! Oh NOOOOOOO…

We then went on another train and consult the train manager about how we could get back home w/o paying a fortune. Luckily, there was 1 last train that we can get on and change to another train at another station… then we should be able to get home without staying at the train station overnight. But the change still cost us about 30 sterlings extra.
Gotta redo the ticket/schedule

12:30am… finally, we were back… after 4 hours of train. We were SO HUNGRY!
12:30am back home... so hungry

On our way home… we saw the light of the night – Kebabs!

It tasted sooo good. I LOVED IT! Well, you know… for sure part of the reason was that we were starving. But again, it’s not just about what you eat, it’s about who you’re eating with.
Kebab tasted so yummy

That was the day 3 of my UK trip.

7 thoughts on “UK chapter 3

  1. i loooooved bath .. we got there via a tour bus (we did a windsor castle – stonehenge – bath tour — expensive .. 🙁 )
    it was such a quaint little town .. the bath itself was really neat , esp w/ all the videos of how it used to be, layed onto pictures of the current state of the bath .. i think i wanna go back to bath for a day and just relax there .. not IN the bath , but just walk around the town ..

  2. Yo MOO~ Welcome back! Haven’t seen you for a long time… (nor your blog! so I just hide the link)… I love UK as well, although it’s quite $$$. The original bath – I guess no one wanna go in THAT bath, but the town was very nice. I’d love to travel around again… probably next year again.

    I always wonder what you do coz you seem to travel a lot 😀

  3. so i read your “about me” blurb yesterday, explaining the name ‘carbonxiv’ .. and i still didn’t “get it” .. (i always thought it was carbon-ziv) and then last nite, it finally hit me, OH, XIV, roman numerals for 14 .. AAAAAAHHHH .. i’m such an idiot 🙂

    oh, no no, my recent trip was just a vacation .. not work-related .. 🙂 we touched the fresh-running bath water in the original bath, it was nice and warm .. but smelled really metallic ..

    but yah, haven’t blogged in eons .. dunno when i’ll have time to start up again ..

  4. LOL 😀 C-14 the unstable/radioactive isotope of the carbon. (Feel like a geek now). Looking forward to reading your blog again. I don’t know why… I guess I’ve “wasted/spent” a lot of time blogging… sometimes I don’t know why I do that. It’s just a hobby. Trying not to do too much to the extend that it pushes back other priorities though.

  5. yea, my other priorities seem to have taken up my blogging time … that, and for a long while, i didn’t go to any new places ..
    oh hey, so i found out that one of my coworkers runs .. small small foodie world 🙂
    i think my favourite element is bromine .. i was being an idiot and i sniffed it out of the bottle directly, instead of doing the whole hand-waving thing .. it smelled like chlorine, and i’ve gotten to enjoy the smell of chlorine from years of swimming .. bromine was like super strong-smelling chlorine, and it was brown .. yes, i’m just being weird, don’t mind me. 😛

  6. Hey! Actually… same here. I find myself been out less these days. Checked out the site.

    Bromine! ARGH! I can’t even take the [Cl] smell -____-

  7. yes, as u can tell .. i’m a lil bit bored at work .. hope u don’t mind me being mo liu and writing here 🙂

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