What are you doing for lunch on Friday?

Thank FC for spreading the news…

Toronto Street Eats

Councillor John Filion and Chefs from some of Toronto’s best restaurants, including:

* Chris McDonald, Cava
* Claudio Aprile, Colborne Lane
* Didier Leroy, Didier
* Food Share
* Golden Turtle Restaurant
* Indian Rice Factory
* Izakaya Restaurant
* Jamie Kennedy
* Jumbo Empanada
* Lemon Heaven
* Pappas Grill
* Guy Rubino, Rain Restaurant
* Sunshine Shakes
* Carole Ferrari, The Local Cafe
* Viva Tastings

2 thoughts on “What are you doing for lunch on Friday?

  1. why oh why~
    having it on friday means either i have to skip work, or have a 2 hour lunch? (I have 30min lunch)
    oh well…
    good thing I’m not interest to the food they are having except the Tripe stew, Tsukune, Empanada…hmm…

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