GMAT prep books for sale [SOLD]

I’d like to sell everything in 1 package. If you do not want to buy all, but you are interested – let me know. OR if you know your friend may be interested, please feel free to forward this post.
If you practice with all these books, you should be able to do pretty well in the exam.

*All books are in very good condition – no mark on item #1,4,5, and only minimal lines/marks on item #2,3.
Practice Exams on CDs are included (1 from Kaplan Premium Program, 1 from Veritas)

Location: GTA.


1. The Official Guide for GMAT Review (11th Edition)
Written by the actual administrators of the GMAT, this book contains 800 questions (and answers) from actual GMAT exams. The guide covers all of the exam subjects and makes an excellent foundation for exam preparation.

2. Kaplan GMAT 800 (2006-2007 Edition)
Written by Kaplan, a recognized leader in college test prep and admissions services, this book is an advanced guide for ambitious students who dream of high GMAT scores. The hundreds of very difficult practice questions (with detailed answers) cover math tactics, critical reasoning, and data sufficiency problems.

3. Kaplan GMAT Premier Program (2007 Edition)
#1 best-selling GMAT book according to Nielsen BookScan USFREE online features to help you improve your score even more!The latest GMAT information and new practice questions online every month.6 full-length practice GMAT tests—1 in the book, 1 online, 4 on the CD-ROM.Quizzes for Problem-Solving, Critical Reasoning, Data Sufficiency, Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, and a new, expanded GMAT Math Reference section.

4. Writing Skills for the GRE & GMAT by Peterson’s
– Maximize your analytical writing scores with sample essays and outlines for the Issue and Argument topics
– Review grammar, idiom, syntax, usage and organization
– Follow step-by-step instructions for writing clear, concise, high-scoring essays

5. Veritas GMAT prep – 16 course books (1 book per lesson, plus 1 quantitative solution book and 1 verbal solution book):
Lesson One: Arguments
Lesson Two: Arithmetic
Lesson Three: Critical Reasoning 1
Lesson Four: Algebra
Lesson Five: Sentence Correction 1
Lesson Six: Geometry
Lesson Seven: Reading Comprehension
Lesson Eight: Data Sufficiency 1
Lesson Nine: Critical Reasoning 2
Lesson Ten: Problem Solving
Lesson Eleven: Sentence Correction 2
Lesson Twelve: Permutations & Combination
Lesson Thirteen: Analytical Writing Assessment
Lesson Fourteen: Quantitative Review

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