Marz Update

June 15 – YAY now I’m in UK now 🙂

Helping out with the wedding.

Will update this whenever I can…

June 16 – 1:15am UK time
– Today has been a hectic day… didn’t expect that when I’m “on vacation”. But overall it’s great that I can see GL and EC (the bride) again. I think last time was 10 years ago when we stayed over at one person’s place. So tired now. Now we’re waiting for the wedding car to arrive (@ this 1am time) and then decorate it. Was using a public phone for a bit, the connection fee was 40p, I put in 2 pounds and after 50p, I hanged up the phone, but there was NO CHANGE gosh… there goes 4 bucks canadian for a 1min call! ahhhhh

June 17 – went south to Brighton

June 18 – went to Bath – spent 8 hours in total on the train and 4 hours in Bath. Had a Kebob roll @ 1am

June 19 – 21 – mainly travelled around London ~ ahhhh everything’s so expensive here! Went to Tata Modern and spent the biggest piece of my budget there @_@

June 22 – Fairwell for GL – Had Thai food… due to flight delay, stayed with GL @ Park Inn Hotel for a night and had Indian buffet

June 23 – Went to airport again… checked in @ 2:30pm. Her plane got delayed again til 6pm – I went to Oxford Street again afterwards… T_T I miss her already…

June 24 – My turn to fly. Just got back home a few hours ago.

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