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(It seems to take me forever to finish this post.)

Life = expect the unexpectancy
So many surprises lately, including all the wedding notices. One Friday. We were going to St. Louis to have some wings. By the time we got there (Yonge/Finch S. location), it was full house, and it seemed that the patrons were going to stay there for some sports games later the day. So, we were chatting and saying… let’s try something close-by… Indian food (I said).

There we go, Cuisine of India, located a bit south of St. Louis, on the West side of Yonge. With the large dark red/burgandy color sign outside, if you are driving north on Yonge, you won’t miss it. It’d be on your left.

Expectancies, unexpectancies. I’ve seen this restaurant since a long time ago, and I’ve been thinking of going there. However, somehow many friends hesitate when it comes to Indian food. Unexpectedly, we came to this place on Friday evening. It was a nice day – no rain, not too sunny – so we could walk on the street without getting wet (from rain or from sweating).

(Now that I think about it, it’s been a while since I’ve written a post on a restaurant last time. These texts in brackets are like words that I murmur to myself… Yah. I can be quite silly sometimes or… I wonder, those who know me in person, would you say “all the time” instead of “sometimes”?)

Outside the restaurant, we see all the “Best restaurant” signs from the past few years. With that, you know the restaurant would at least be at a certain standard.

Sat down at a table near the entrance. At around 7:30-8:00pm, the restaurant was half full (full at the front dining area, and empty at the back). We were served these flat breads (? Is that how you call it? Please correct me here, coz Indian cuisine isn’t my expertise. This is the area that I should definitely learn more about.) I get these all the time these days, whenever I go to Indian fusion restaurants or banquets.

Cuisine Of India 1
They are HOT! But I like it. They are highly addictive.

Cuisine Of India 2
The menu was relatively short.
For other menu pages, you can click here, here and here.

Cuisine Of India 6
I ordered a mango juice. It always goes well with Indian food. 😀 + The Indian beer there tastes good too.

Cuisine Of India 7
FH ordered the mango lassi. Looks thick and filling – according to FH, it was not very chilled.

So, as usual, we try not to order too much coz we don’t wanna stuff ourselves or waste any food. Here are the three different main courses:

Cuisine Of India 8
Butter Chicken – Dices of tandoori chicken simmered in a rich tomato gravy honey and sutble herbs ($13.95)

Cuisine Of India 9
Kashmiri Roganjosh – Beef cooked with Kashmiri spices and yoghurt. An all time favourite. ($12.95)

Cuisine Of India 10
Kerala Fish Curry – A spicy fish stew – A blend of curry, mustard and fresh fenugreek. ($13.50)

Cuisine Of India 11
We ordered 1 rice + 2 naans. I love the naan breads!!!

Cuisine Of India 12
When we were half way finished the three dishes, we saw a sizzling chicken on the other table, so we ordered this. The chicken was surprisingly tender and I love it with a bit of lemon juice!

Cuisine Of India 13
The counter near the entrance and a glassed-in tandoor room…

Cuisine Of India 14
And… they have lots of nice decorations on the walls.

Overall, I highly recommend this place. You should give it a try when you get a chance. Service was excellent! One of the server really knows how to show his care about their customers. Right balance of spices and flavour… I loved the butter chicken. It goes really well with the delicious naan bread. (However, I’m not sure if it is really authentic – although it looks like it – since I’m not from an Indian background and may not be a very good judge here. ;)) Overall… can’t remember the total… I think it was around twenty-something per person after T&T. They also have buffet, but I’m not sure how that is.

The only comment is that their lighting was not “stable”… it was sometimes bright sometimes dim … so strange and a bit annoying. PLEASE FIX IT!

FYI: Cuisine of India
5222 Yonge St. (at Parkview Ave.)
Tel: 416-229-0377

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