How old is your brain?

Still kinda tied up lately. But of course, I won’t forget about you guys…

Actually, today’s the anniversary day of my website hosting. In other word… gotta swipe my visa card and pay the annual fee… It’s not extremely expensive. Wth the current high Canadian dollar exchange rate, I think it’d be about C$140. But still adds up… 🙁

(Any way I can make some $ here? but I don’t wanna put ads here though…)

On a brighter side, today’s TW’s birthday. Best wishes to TW!

Got forwarded a fun game. It’s a test for your brain, a very simple excercise.

I know most of you probably cannot read Japanese (except Rick and TW). My guess is… What you need to do is to first enter your real age, then there’ll be 10 rounds. Each round you will be shown some numbers, after 1-2 seconds, you will need to recall all the locations of the numbers and then click the location in ascending order.

Then, at the end, it will tell you how old your brain is like.

Click here to try it out. HAVE FUN 🙂

4 thoughts on “How old is your brain?

  1. Thanks Ms. Marz. heh heh I’m 25 again. Should have done better(graphical memory really helps), but I’m sleepy. : ) Got any plans for the long weekend?

  2. lol!!! Plan for the weekend? (sigh… I’ll tell you later. Just had a 10 hr torture today, to be continued tomorrow)

    The test was quite accurate to me though. :p

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