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“Il Fornello” means “the little oven”, but I didn’t know that until today after I checked out their website. If I knew, I would probably have ordered their pizza during the last visit (my first vist to this Italian restaurant). TW and I came to this restaurant last month but I didn’t get to write/type until now. It is one of the restaurants that I have wanted to try since long time ago. There are 9 locations in total. Maybe that’s why I seem to have passed by it so many times. The location we went to was the one in Richmond Hill, near Hwy 7 and Yonge, where the SilverCity is.

It was an early dinner. Around 6:30ish pm, I went to this place, but TW was already there. That’s usually the case, it seems that he’s never late. Yah, he only mentioned that it was an Italian restaurant near that corner so I didn’t expect it to be this restaurant. The racks of liquor bottles looked very nice from outside, although you may not be able to see it from this picture.

il fornello 1

Went in the restaurant, the dining area was quite large… with different “levels” – the center was the lowest, both sides were a bit higher. It does make the area more interesting.

il fornello 3

The server came to take our order. There were a lot of items on the menu, but since it was quite early, I decided not to order too much – something light would do.

il fornello 2

il fornello 4

For the appetizer, we ordered this calamari instead of the deep fried one (with tartar sauce + lemon)… coz I wanted to avoid deep-fried food. But… I guess I made the wrong decision. This calamari was so-so. I think the other one would be much better.

il fornello 5

il fornello 6

TW got the Atlantic Salmon – Crispy skin Atlantic salmon on assorted green vegetables, with roasted red potatoes, lemon thyme vinaigrette. Looked so good! I think it should taste good too. The salmon… not sure if it was over-cooked… that’s how most of the time the fish @ western restaurants would turn out.

il fornello 7

I got another fish dish, Halibut with risotto. It was tasty but very filling – the rice was flavourful. Couldn’t finish it so I wrapped it to go.

il fornello 8

That night we didn’t stay that long – probably only an hour since TW has assignment to do, and I was also heading home that night. Later on I found out what had happened to TW those days… Thx for coming out for my bday and keeping away all the negative energy from me. Overall, the service was good. The food was ok – maybe I should try something else next time – coz I have heard good things about this place. All food + 1 iced tea costed $70ish (after T&T).

FYI: Il Fornello
The location we went to:
8851 Yonge Street (at Highway 7)
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 6Z1
Tel: 905-530-1153

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