One night

I’m not talking “-stand” ;). The other night, RL and I went to D’s place for dinner. We bought some takeout from Marcello – the Italian restaurant on St. Clair. The food was really good – but heavy. Therefore, it’s really good for sharing. By the time we got there, D and his cousins, who came from S. America, had already finished cooking.

First, here’s the wine. Not sure about the brand. All I know is that it’s from France and it was pretty good.
Relaxing nite 1

It was the second time that D had ever cooked, and he made this squash soup all from scratch without any recipe. He used squash, beef, coconut milk and lemongrass – tasted not bad, just a bit plain. But it’s considered to be really really good for the first timer! I don’t know if I could make that without any recipe/previous experience.
Relaxing nite 2

His cousins made some small “breads” from corn flour. They said those are the tradition food that they used to eat when they were in S. America. We could put in some stuffs (meats w/ green and red peppers – missing from the center of this picture), or simply put feta cheese and butter. I actually like the feta cheese and butter better. The breads were not totally “cooked” – but it was ok. I still like them, and they were still edible. We bought two different kinds of pasta – one is seafood linguini with tomato cream sauce, the other one is spaghetti with sundried tomato and pesto sauce. Both of them were good! But I could only eat a little because they were really heavy. Gotta watch my weight now… I’m gaining weight lately -_-. The pizza was the house pizza – which was a thin crust authentic one. It was GOOD!
Relaxing nite 3

Then, finally the dessert came. It was made by D and his cousins. Originally they thought they had a mixer, but they actually didn’t. So, the D had to manually mix all the ingredients. (ouch! that hurts!) But this cake was surprisingly good. The two layers were quite special in a way that they tasted like pancake + cake. They put a mixture of different types of milk on top, and let it chill in the fridge. It was very delicious.
Relaxing nite 4

Here’s a close-up.
Relaxing nite 5

While we were having dinner, D played some music in the background… Very very relaxing. D is really a collector. Besides his 500+ CDs from around the world, he also collects the whole black records, some of which probably worth a lot nowadays. I’ve always wanted a very good sound system at home. Maybe in the future… Got introduced a few artists that are relatively “alternative/underground”. It was a good and relaxing night – an escape from everything that bothers us. I’ll upload some of the music on here later. 🙂

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