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It’s January – February, when a lot of birthdays happen to fall in. Mid-January, it was JL’s birthday. Originally she was thinking of going to Zucca. However, since that restaurant does not take reservation, we went to L’ Escargot instead. I’ve seen it on Moo’s blog, but at that time the pictures didn’t ring a bell. That night, seven of us came to this restaurant. VN was driving, and when he dropped us off in front of this restaurant, all the flashbacks came into my mind.

It was a few years ago. I went to this same location with 3 other people for my birthday. However, this place was called excess (or something like that) back then. The food was quite pricy but not that good. After a while, that place was closed down and I think this is the restaurant that opened after. I still remember the oval shaped Logo.

Anyhow, we were there. The interior was pretty much similar to the one in my distant memory. When we got there, we were one of the few tables of patrons there. Since 4 of us were late, those who arrived on time ordered an appetizer, the House Pâté – I liked it. It kinda reminded me of the chinese sausages stuffed with liver & meat. Haven’t had those for a long time!

Looking at the menu, there was the dinner combo that seemed to be a pretty good deal. For a price of $25, you get the three courses meal.

Table d’hote
Soupe du Jour
Escargots Bourguignons
Salade Melangee

Saumon Grillee
Bavette aux echalottes
Poitrine de Poulet
Pates du Jour

Mousse au Chocolat
Cremé Brulee

Choose any one in the three categories 25.00


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Since the place was called L’ Escargot, most of us ordered the Escargot as appetizer. It was a good choice since we can “re-use” the garlic oil for the bread! I didn’t find the garlic butter to be too salty (referred to moo’s comment) – it was just right for bread dipping :). (Yah, we were HUNGRY) The Escargot was good. Just like how moo described it… Another person ordered the soup and it was so-so.

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Main course – one person ordered the Flank Steak with fries. I wonder if the the portion of the steak was reduced since we ordered it as a 3 course meal. Didn’t try the steak; the fries was good.

Rosemary Chicken Breast with Roasted Fennel served with Mashed Potatoes – looked but didn’t touch 🙁

Duck Confit Sarladais with Panfried Potatoes and Sauted Spinach was a stand alone entree. VN generously gave me quite a big piece. It was quite tender and juicy.

Pasta with pork tenderloin – seemed that it would go well with chicken instead. According to the foodies at the table, the pork has not been marinated enough.

My Grilled Salmon was quite good – not over-grilled. Nothing very special; good portion.

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Most of us ordered Creme Brulee – However, it was a bit disappointing since the sugar top was too thick and HARD. 1-2 out of all the creme brulee have not been made properly. It was half done – watery. No good.

The chocolate mousse was good according to them.

We informed the server about the creme brulee, and he admited that the creme brulee has not been chilled enough. So he exchanged it with the sorbet. The sorbet was very nice, especially after a big meal – refreshing.

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VN ordered Profiteroles since his entree did not come with dessert. The creme inside was chilled and tasted like very light ice-cream! (I wonder if it was really an ice-cream with lots of cream) Yummm.

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We also got a bottle of red wine. Can’t remember the name of that. (Will update it when/if I find out.) Overall, I think I paid about $50-60. (7 persons minus the birthday girl). Overall the food was ok. Nothing really stood out. Service was not bad. Environment was nice – good for hanging out with a small group of friends. The only thing was that they failed the dessert test. (Didn’t upload the liquid creme brulee picture here. They should never let this happen again.)

FYI: L’ Escargot
3185 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON.
Tel: 416-485-8338

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