My skydiving (long overdue…)


I promised you guys something and I will deliver it (although it’s long overdue). Due to some technical difficulties (couldn’t get the video file down to under 100mb for YouTube upload), it’s taken me a long time. Plus all other stuffs, last night was my 4th night in a row to go to stay up til 2am.

The video quality isn’t too good though, but… it’s ok 🙂 Better than nothing.

Woooo Hooooo~ Ready? Let’s go!

9 thoughts on “My skydiving (long overdue…)

  1. It’s EXCITING, isn’t it! I encourage everyone to try (but of course, gotta put a disclaimer here… I will not held responsible for any injury or casualty)

  2. Stop teasing me Rick! You should put it up somewhere! I just used Nero to rip my DVD – the mpeg wasn’t in very good quality though. Let me know when you get yours uploaded!

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