It has been a tough Tuesday, January 2. 7:30pm and I’m still in the office. Feeling tired and suddenly my nose started bleeding!!! (WTH! GRRR) So, I gotta postponed my workout until a bit later tonight. You wouldn’t want to see blood coming out again while jogging on the treadmill. -___-

While waiting for the healing… I’ll write about an Italian restaurant that RL brought me to the other night. It’s been almost a month. I know I should keep my posts (and taste) as fresh as possible, but man~ I wasn’t in the mood before. (Pardon my laziness and non-professionalism)

Since RL used to work at St. Clair and Dufferin area, he had a chance to try out some nice Italian restaurants. One of them is Marcello’s. I remember seeing someone was asking for Marcello’s website on a forum. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find their website either.

It was a Tuesday night? Couldn’t remember. We came to this area – mid-west side of the GTA – where I’ve frequented more often in the past half a year. At around 7ish pm, the place wasn’t too crowded – maybe it was a weeknight. We were seated in the middle of the dining area, closer to the cooling compartment where the cakes and tiramisu were stored.

The light was a bit dim. The servers were very friendly and helpful. I liked the place. First, we were served with breads (yummm!). Then, we ordered a minestrone soup, green salad and a tiger shrimp seafood pasta to share. Also ordered two cups of white wine… I think I’m slowly getting into wines these days. They’re very good complement to the meal, especially when they are well-matched with the entrees. Sorry folks, I didn’t bring my camera that night… so the picture quality is horrible with cell phone camera and dim light. The portion of the pasta was HUGE! The one below (one the right) is actually half of dish. The servers were very smart (or self-starting) – we didn’t even have to tell them to divide the dish. [update: according to RL’s feedback, we were actually charged for $1.50 for dividing up the dish!]

Marcello 1 Marcello 2 Marcello 3

Unfortunately, I didn’t try their pizza… if you go there, you will see their old-fashioned stove at the back. I wonder how their pizzas taste. I’m hungry now GRRR. Maybe next time. There are two different locations. See below. If you want you can BYOW (Bring Your Own Wine – for complete listing of BYOW restaurants, click here). Marcello’s is a very warm and friendly restaurant, good price points, nice atmosphere. It was a good experience.

FYI: Marcello’s Pizzeria
(1) 1163 St Clair Ave West, Toronto
Tel: 416-656-6159
(2) 3175 Rutherford Rd., Unit 20, Vaughan
Tel: 905-532-0184

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