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E Y Christmas Banquet 7Finally, it’s mid of the week – Wednesday. I guess many people are in the malls or going to the malls, trying to do their last minute Christmas shopping. And I’m still in the office right now… finished some reporting, still more to go. Work never ends. Just felt like posting something though. Last Friday, I was at the EY Banquet @ MTCC. (Thanks SL for inviting me – we just haven’t seen each other for so long… you’re always in the States these days!!!) Haven’t dressed up for quite a while; it’s nice to do so once in a while 🙂 So we were there @ 8pm. It was open bar. However, by the time we arrived, most of the booze (e.g. Martini and Vodka) were gone! Anyhow, the banquet started shortly after our arrival. We sat at one of the 250 round tables. There weren’t a lot of speeches … which was great but just kinda unexpected. Dinner quietly started with a cream soup and some breads. It was ok. I like the breads though… Munching on them…

The next dish was a cranberry and marinated pear salad. I would say this dish was the best of the whole night. After that, we had the entree… Yup, I know what you are thinking and you are right… The stuffed chicken was quite dry. Actually, it was very dry. We did not have enough sauce either. So I couldn’t finish the whole piece of chicken.

E Y Christmas Banquet 1 E Y Christmas Banquet 2 E Y Christmas Banquet 3

After the entree… I was very excited about the dessert. It was a chocolate cake… with a top layer of mousse, and garnished with some berries. I found it ok. Not bad. But most of the people at the table didn’t quite like it.

E Y Christmas Banquet 4 E Y Christmas Banquet 5

Also had a cup of black coffee… alcohol & coffee. Yah. I think I wasn’t in a good mood that night. I felt sorry that some girls thought I looked really serious and didn’t dare to talk to me. Oh well… I can’t put on a smile 24/7. I was tired. At the end, music was played and people started going to the dance floor. I always find the clubbing type of dance doesn’t go well with the elegant dresses… so I didn’t do a lot of dancing either. Of course, there were moments when they played the soft slow songs. Those are the moments when all the singles wish we had a Significant Other to dance with. lol!

E Y Christmas Banquet 6

Since none of us could finish the entree, except PH, we went to the 24 hour Korean place, Owl, on Yonge and filled up our stomaches.

Owl 1 Owl 2

The food was much better there! Forgot to bring my DC, therefore I used my cell phone to take these pictures. (Not very good quality… so bare with me :p)

7 thoughts on “Christmas Banquet

  1. hey~! i work for telus…and we had our holiday dinner @ the MTCC…guess what? our holiday dinner menu is exactly like yours~! 😛 I had a hard time eating the chicken. my impression was that the food was left over from thanksgiving…like stuffed turkey.

    keep osting up cool food reviews and have yourself a merry chirstmas and happy new year

  2. Hi Marz,
    I have been reading your blog for a while as my Toronto trip resource center. My family would like to visit Markham/Richmond Hills area again on Christmas day and wonder how will the area be like there? Will most of Chinese restaurants/malls be open or will the area be like a dead city as most of cities will be in the US?

    Your reader from US. Happy holidays!

  3. Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!
    (Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in Hawaiian)

    I hope you have a good one! (^_^)v

  4. Hi Daphne! Sorry for the late reply! argh I’ve been away for awhile during the holidays. I guess you should know by now how that area is like on Christmas day. Yah, most of the Chinese restaurants are open. I dropped by the First Markham Place on the 25th. About half of the stores were opened.

    Hope you had a good time in Toronto 🙂

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